Song by J. Lennon and P. McCartney, production by L. Harper

Prime Minister’s wife gets credit for surprise performance


It turns out the Stephen Harper’s Beatlemania moment was cooked up almost entirely by his wife. Laureen Harper is credited with conceiving of Stephen Harper’s piano-and-vocals debut at the National Arts Centre’s gala on Saturday, conferring privately with Yo-Yo Ma about the idea, and then coaxing the PM into taking the gig. Her instincts seem perfect. And the story that the Prime Minister somewhat reluctantly took to the stage makes the whole thing even better. Had he been eager, he’d look nerdily needy. But doing it as a favour to his wife makes him look both game and manly. The show, the story, the Youtube video: it’s a persona-building coup all round.

Ottawa Citizen

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Song by J. Lennon and P. McCartney, production by L. Harper

  1. Cue the Lib-trolls: hen-pecked, girly-man Harper can't make a decision until he checks with the real boss back home…

    • Thank goodness we never get such unbalanced commentary from people who vote for other parties. That would be *awful*.

      • Well, trolls are trolls, of whatever stripe.

  2. Other songs he could have done "You Never Give Me Your Money" "Fool On The Hill" "Don't Pass Me By" "I Don't Want to Spoil The Party"

  3. Awe, come on, I'm no Conservative but that was fun, any way you look at it. Good on ya, Harper!

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