Sorry, so sorry -

Sorry, so sorry

A Danish paper is criticized for apologizing over a cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban


A Danish newspaper, Politiken, is being heavily criticized for apologizing for republishing a cartoon in 2008 that critics claims was blasphemous. The cartoon, which depicted the Prophet Muhammad  wearing a bomb-shaped turban, was initially published by the Jyllands-Posten in 2006 and led to riots by Muslims around the world. Politiken, which reprinted the cartoon along with other media after police uncovered an alleged plot to murder the cartoonist, said its apology was part of a settlement with Muslim groups in the Middle East and Australia. On Friday, the Danish Union of Journalists described Politiken as “kneeling before opponents of the freedom of press.”


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Sorry, so sorry

  1. Terror works. Just ask the Western liberal/left. They've had their lips locked on its backside for five years now. Cowardice in the face of evil is their most enshrined tenet. Ask academia, or better still, judges in Canada and the Netherlands. Yes, yes, let's apologize for a free press, for free thought, for free choice. Who needs them? Give me a prayer mat, a stultifyingly cultic consciousness, and a 7th century retrograde blueprint for life. It won't be long now. I reckon 50 years at most.

  2. the beginning of the end for the west

  3. Hey Muslims, I saw the cartoon, I think it was funny and made Mohammed look like the ass he is. He is a phoney prophet and a pervert.

  4. Islam clashes horribly with all western values and beliefs, and does not belong. All this stuff about political corretness is is a bunch of far leftist crap. Pierre Trudeaus polyanna dream of the great Canadian mosaic is also a bunch of ideological crap.