Spain to consider burqa ban -

Spain to consider burqa ban

Could become third country in Europe to ban head-covering veils in public


Following in the footsteps of France and Belgium, Spain could become the third European country to ban women from wearing the burqa in public. Europe’s growing anti-burqa sentiment has already reached Catalonia and Andalusia, where Spain’s Muslim population is concentrated. Not all head-covering veils would be included in the ban because they form part of traditional Spanish dress, with women often covering their heads with a “mantilla” during religious festivals. A debate on the possible ban is scheduled to start on Tuesday in Spain’s Congress. A vote by Spain’s lower house is planned following the debate but may be delayed until after the month-long summer recess, which begins next week. Spain has around 1 million Muslim immigrants among its 47 million population, but the public sightings of the burqa are scarce, the Telegraph reports.


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Spain to consider burqa ban

  1. Very disturbing.

    • I suppose, but not that surprising cause you know Europe is so great at preserving liberty over the wishes of the state

      • Yes, I agree completely.

        • Do you think Canada will eventualy follow suit ?

          • Quebec has already started, but the rest of the provinces are probably a little more conservative so we'll see.

            One thing I'm pretty sure of, though, is that the US will not follow suit. And kudos to them. That is the nice thing about having basic freedoms enshrined in a Constitution that people actually had to fight for and still take somewhat seriously.

          • I am not sure what part of Canada you are from, but I am on the West Coast, and to see anyone wearing a Burka is a very rare thing. I have family that live in Vancouver and area and they also say that sightings are quite uncommon. The Lower Mainland has quite a large Muslim population but according to an associate of my wife`s there not many that are that extreme.

          • Liberal Democracy: The battle between state empowerment and liberty

        • Wait, wait, wait.. I thought the lefties were muslim lovers?

          • Their not ? Go away for an hour and everything gets changed…Again !!

    • gaunilon

      Extremely encouraging……It shows non-Muslims still (in some countries) possess the will to fight the Islamisation of their societies. The burka is a symbol that Islam does not mean to fit into secular society but to alter it to suit its retrograde ideas.

      Well done, France, Belgium and hopefully Spain.

  2. Burqa's and veils are both a choice. Given the choice, most of us of Gaelic/Celtic descent don't wish to wear kilts but they are worn on rare occasions.
    A banning is an extreme response but it's overblown to say that these individuals are grievously harmed by it.
    If religion can be sworn for favours than get ready for a Pandora's box of others wanting exemptions as well.

  3. Let's cross fingers for Spain to successfully apply the ban!
    Burqua has to be banned in all civilized world.
    Syria, Quebec, France, Belguim and now Spain….good job!!
    Hopefuly US and Canada will join too :)

    • Yes, because clearly the answer to oppressing women is to dictate what they can wear.

  4. This is good news. I for one hope that Canada does the same thing. I have seen the burqa more and more in my city and I am not a fan of seeing this trend growing. Let us not forget that most terrorists are coming out of these types of extremist environments where burqas are a common place. So if we deter Muslims who adhere to the burqa "rule", then I'm all for it.

  5. Liberty and freedom of real Canadians deserves more consideration than people who want to live in Canada but are loyal to a radical ideology. 25 Canadians were killed in the World Trade Center when it was attacked by radical political/religious extremists, many other Canadians have been killed by terrorists and if radical islamists have their way, many more Canadians will be killed in the future by them. The fewer radicals within our borders the better.

  6. It's becoming increasingly evident that no matter how much the political elite try to foist acceptance of islam on European society, that the general populace is clearly uncomfortable with political islam.

    Switzerland, France, Belgium, and now Spain have passed legislation that is openly hostile to visible manifestations of islam.