Spy review board chair resigns

Porter steps down amid controversy


Canada’s top spy reviewer resigned on Thursday following revelations by the National Post that he was involved in business dealings with a shady Montreal consultant and had uncomfortably close ties to the president of his native Sierra Leone. Dr. Arthur Porter, an oncologist and hospital administrator, had been federally appointed chairman of the Security and Intelligence Review Committee, which acts as a watchdog of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. “Dr. Porter has submitted his resignation to me, and I have accepted it, effective immediately,” read a statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper released on Thursday.

The National Post

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Spy review board chair resigns

  1. ummm, aren’t they supposed to do some due diligence in these appointments, or is the due diligence a check into the bank accounts to see if cheques had been written to the CPC. There are more onerous security checks for low level government staffers that need to look at personal information.

  2. Harper is bought on more levels than a pimp.  An old neighbor of mine acts as an electoral scrutineer.  I’m sure my neighbor could do better background checks, particularly on a guy, not born in this country, who max’s out his contribution limits to the Conservative Party.  Must have been recommended by Mossad. 

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