Sri Lankans protest against UN war crimes panel -

Sri Lankans protest against UN war crimes panel

Pro-government supporters rally to have international investigation halted


Protestors have surrounded UN offices in Sri Lanka demanding that a panel investigating possible war crimes be suspended. Sri Lankans say the panel is unnecessary because their troops didn’t commit any war crimes in the war between the government and the Tamil Tigers that ended in May 2009. Some 7,000 civilians were killed in the last five months of the conflict. International criticism of Sri Lanka’s human rights record has propelled the EU to withdraw the country’s preferential trade access to its markets.

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Sri Lankans protest against UN war crimes panel

  1. Obviously, what happened to Slobodan, Al-Bashir etc. is sending down shivers down the spines of the Sri Lankan brothers.__But Sri Lankans are masters of artful manipulations, using the Buddhist clergy one more time to orchestrate protests.

  2. The War Crimes were committed by Sri Lanka Military

    IDP's story

    I was a 48 year old Tamil male living happily with my wife and four male children. I was a fisherman. We had no shortcomings. I educated my four sons. At this time the war started. I lost my occupation, I lost my beautiful house and property. We were displaced to three places. As we were going with what was left, there was Sri Lankan Army heavy shelling. People scattered. We became separated from my four children. Suddenly to see, I was in a vehicle with my wife, one leg and hand was not there. I suffered in that state. On the way in a bus, Sri Lanka Army separated my wife and sent me alone to the Vavuniya hospital. There is no news of my children. Are they alive or not? Where is my wife? I am trembling all alone.

  3. Sri Lanka
    why not face the justice???

  4. this just shows that they have something to hide, and they are guilty! just face it… they must be punished for all those crimes they've done to the innocent Tamil civilians! but instead what do they do? back off and chicken out? ok there.

  5. UN Downplays Sri Lanka Hostage Taking of its Staff, Ban Has Not Called Rajapaksa – By Matthew Russell Lee

    UNITED NATIONS, July 6 — The UN continued running scared of Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa, even after its staff in Colombo were held hostage by a mob led by a minister in Rajapaksa's government, Wimal Weerawansa.
    Inner City Press asked the Associate Spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Farhan Haq, what he made of Weerawansa's cell phone call to Gotabaya Rajapaksa, after which police pulled back and allowed the mob to continue to trap UN staff. Video here, from Minute 6:28.

  6. UN and the western countries should realize here and forth, that Tamils and Sinhalese can not share the same bowl of food, never had and never will. A minister in the SL government publicly called for holding hostage of UN Staffers till UN cancelled the investigation, the president, prime minister and other government officials never condone this behaviour. As the world can see the attitude SL Goverment has against Tamils and a fair investigation on the government and LTTE. SL is ignoring all these calls from the UN and the West due to the backing of China, India, Iran and Pakistan. Keep in mind that all four has the world's worst Human Rights records.

  7. “Sri Lankans protest against UN war crimes panel” – wrong and misleading title. should be corrected as “Sri Lankans protest against UN’s selective criticism on Sri Lanka and selective silence about western warcrimes””.
    I hope they continue until the UN
    1. “stop the illegal panel on sri lanka”
    2. “start similar panels to investigate other major conflicts” (there are so many after the ww2, that they didn’t worry about)
    3. Security Council should “investigate immediately about UN’s own staffers who had supported (openor hidden) the terrorists in sril lanka, for 30 years and lead to more than 100,000 + deaths of that country.” This is the mostly contested UN crime in that country and the PEOPLE DEMAND JUSTICE!

    Apart from the UN hindrance, the country and it’s people seem to be peaceful and the communites ar interacting and supporting with eachother with respect.