Stan Lee brings the first gay superhero to primetime

Fictional high-school athlete conceals superpowers and sexuality


Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man and many other Marvel superheros, is developing an hour-long cable series based on Perry Moore’s novel “Hero,” about a high-school athlete who’s trying to conceal the fact that he has superpowers and the fact that he’s gay. After all the innuendo about Batman and Robin, an actual gay superhero may seem like an anti-climax, but the cable network is hoping that this will be their answer to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” using a superhero story to parallel the normal problems of teen life.

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Stan Lee brings the first gay superhero to primetime

  1. Gay superheroes are old news. The first such character was Northstar who appeared in the early 80’s though at the time his sexuality was only hinted at (he “came out” in the early 90’s).

  2. It’s also worthy to note that Northstar was one of the Quebec members of Alpha Flight, created for Marvel Comics by John Byrne.