Stanley Cup rioter gets one month in jail


A Stanley Cup rioter has been sentenced to one month in jail, despite the fact he turned himself in, pleaded guilty and did not previously have a criminal record.

Twenty-year-old Emmanuel Alviar, of Surrey, B.C., was also given 16 months’ probation and 160 hours of community service. He has also been instructed to send letters of apology to Vancouver’s mayor and police chief.

The exemplary sentence given to Alviar was in connection with him kicking garbage at a vehicle on fire, pushing another car that was later badly damaged and smashing a window in the riots that ensued in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost last year’s game 7 of the Stanley Cup final to the Boston Bruins.

Judge Reg Harris denied the Crown’s request for a four-month jail term, but said general deterrence was warranted in the case. Alviar’s lawyer, Gary Botting, had requested a conditional sentence.

From the Globe and Mail:
“Many more might have come forward had they seen that there was going to be just a conditional sentence,” Gary Botting told reporters outside Vancouver Provincial Court. “It would seem that from the reasons that the judge gives that it would be now unreasonable for any other judge to give less of a deterrence. A conditional sentence is now pretty well not a possibility.”

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Stanley Cup rioter gets one month in jail

  1. If anyone planned on coming forward they would have by now, so this sentence is no deterrent to that.

    This guy stated that the destruction of the car was the fault of the female driver for parking downtown because “everyone knew there would be a riot”/ If he was such a “good guy” then why was he downtown if he knew there would be a riot?

    Thank God my kids had enough brains to stay away from downtown Vancouver that night.

  2. Canada needs to get tougher on rioters. People don’t overturn cars and destroy property because of a mere hockey game. Somehow, I don’t think the “students” in Montreal are really rioting over increases in tuition but over something else. Like maybe they see themselves as “revolutionaries” rather than the punks that they really are.

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