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Quebecers can finally have their yellow margarine (and eat it too):

Quebec’s change of heart was welcomed by Sean McPhee, president of the Vegetable Oil Industry of Canada, a group representing canola growers and margarine manufacturers. The need for separate production runs has added as much as $5-million annually to the cost of supplying margarine to the Quebec market. He said the colour difference explains why margarine’s share of the total “spread market” is much less in Quebec than in the other provinces.

“It’s a good move,” he said. “It means consumers in Quebec will no longer be penalized and will enjoy margarine in the same colour as consumers everywhere else.”

For those of you who haven’t been waiting with bated breath for your coloured margarine fix, here’s a good backgrounder by the CBC.


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  1. Isn’t it odd that an industry would sue for it’s right to make consumers think it’s product is something that it is not.

    Maybe odd isn’t the word I’m looking for.. “sad”, perhaps?

  2. Hopefully the Quebec grocery stores will then stop their practice of putting margarine as far away from the dairy cases as possible, necessitating a full spin around the grocery store.

  3. There is, there IS a God.

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