Start the clock ticking -

Start the clock ticking


Hey, how did this YYZ tag get on my bag?

The Anaheim Ducks have “fired” Brian Burke as GM. Or they couldn’t agree on a contract extension with him. Or something. What a shock!

Weren’t the Ducks one of the putative powerhouses of the West, bolstered by the presence of last-minute signee Teemu Selanne and the timely salary dump of Mathieu Schneider? That’s, like, good managing right? Weren’t they 6-3-0-1 in their last 10? Weren’t they the team that won the Stanley Cup season ‘for last, looking well nigh invincible in the process? Weren’t they the team with whom Burke claimed he was oh-so-eager to negotiate a new contract?

If you didn’t know better, you’d almost think there was some other team in the picture … some dastardly, deep-pocketed franchise that for some reason views Burke as the solution to its persistent mediocrity.

We emphasize the “for some reason” part.


Start the clock ticking

  1. That the Ducks owner is likely looking at some time in stir for financial misconduct, I’d think they just did Burke a favour. Not that I can say the same for Bud hockey fans, although from Vancouver here, I can assure you that it will be entertaining to the max.
    I’m also curious as to know how much the NHL likely saved Baillslie ? Had they allowed him into their quickly-evaporating-financial game club last year, he’d have set a new record for value worth. The way it’s going, with some clubs now avoiding reports of their attendance and owners watching as their ‘core’ suite buyers going belly-up or belt-tightening, and the increasing chance that some will need to retitle their arena’s “This Space For Rent” Auditorium, Baillsilie can buy a couple of teams, move them to where ever he wants, and fire Bettman (please!)…

  2. brian burke is a great coach, but the ducks? come on…