StatsCan chief resigns in outrage -

StatsCan chief resigns in outrage

Head statistician rejects Harper government’s voluntary census


Munir Sheikh, the head of Statistics Canada, published a public letter Wednesday evening which lambasted the Harper government’s plan to change the mandatory long-form census to voluntary. In the letter, Sheikh also tendered his resignation. Sheikh, a world renowned statistician, was reportedly compelled to write the letter after Industry Minister Tony Clement said that he and StatsCan believed that a voluntary census would suffice. “I want to take this opportunity to comment on a technical statistical issue which has become the subject of media discussion … the question of whether a voluntary survey can become a substitute for a mandatory census,” Sheikh wrote. “It can not,” he concluded. “Under the circumstances, I have tendered my resignation to the prime minister.” Sheikh’s resignation will make it difficult for the Tories to move forward with their proposed census changes. But despite growing opposition to the census changes, the Harper government has yet to announce a new census strategy.

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StatsCan chief resigns in outrage

  1. Good bye! Nosy government bureaucrats are trying to preserve their jobs by interfering in the lives of Canadians more and more, fire them.

    • I'm not sure how a bureaucrat resigning has anything to do with bureaucrats trying to preserve their jobs. Please explain.

      • Statscan is a massive bureaucracy of useless number-crunchers and this guy is trying to protect that bureaucracy. His resignation is likely meaningless as he's probably either ready to retire with a fat pension or he's lined up another soft government job. When was the last time a bureaucrat resigned 'on principle' without a big fat payout from taxpayers?

        • So what you are saying is that the reason he is leaving is to preserve a bureaucracy that he is leaving. It has nothing to do with maintaining his personal integrity, or protesting the Government's claim that StatsCan recommended the voluntary form?

          What is his motivation to do so?

          His resignation is likely meaningless as he's probably either ready to retire with a fat pension or he's lined up another soft government job.

          The man is 63 years old and has held several senior positions in several different departments. He has served his country for almost forty years. I think that if he does have a fat pension, he probably earned it. And he would probably have the same if he had spent his life in the private sector instead.

  2. i understand on the census you have to put your personal details so it surely is a bunch of bs the government can force you to disclose personal details that they will then add to a database… the Liberal party of canada has an ideology that the government is right and we work for them, the government does not work for the people

    • Learn the word "perforation", then learn how StatsCan has ALWAYS used it. Also, learn to 'understand' from more than one source.