Stay just the way you are, Susan Boyle

Your record sales depend on it


Susan Boyle, the unemployed 47-year-old who became a singing sensation after auditioning for the reality show Britain’s Got Talent has been warned by one of the show’s judges not to have a makeover. In an interview, Amanda Holden speaks out against fellow judge Simon Cowell’s plans to whiten Boyle’s teeth and give her a new hairstyle. “I won’t let Simon Cowell take her to his dentist and I certainly won’t let her near his hairdresser,” she said. “She needs to stay exactly as she is because that’s the reason we love her,” adding: “the minute we turn her into a glamourpuss is when it’s spoilt.”


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Stay just the way you are, Susan Boyle

  1. Yes and yes. The most charming thing about you is your down to earth ordinary way. And if you sing any other song with that same grace- pinache world look out

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