Stelmach government lambasts Ottawa on oilsands -

Stelmach government lambasts Ottawa on oilsands

Alberta finance minister accuses federal Conservatives of being “hypocrites”


The Alberta government has expressed frustration at Ottawa as it steps up efforts to introduce environmental regulations for the oilsands , and has called the Harper Conservatives “hypocrites.” A 2009 diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks a few weeks ago revealed that former environment minister Jim Prentice vowed that the federal government would intervene and regulate the oilsands if the industry and the province failed to address the issue, however U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson believed Ottawa was being “too slow.” Provincial finance minister Lloyd Snelgrove criticized Ottawa for regulating a provincial resource, which would add “multiple layers of government trying to the same thing, [where] nobody wins.” Environment Minister Peter Kent told The Calgary Herald that while the federal government respects the province’s input on oilsands regulation, it has an obligation to take action on environmental regulation of bitumen development. “We value all of the provinces and territories as partners,” said Kent, “but we took to heart a year ago the very strong scientific findings that water monitoring in the Athabasca basin was inadequate.”

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Stelmach government lambasts Ottawa on oilsands

  1. If Stelmach has to look at someone to blame, a mirror is just an arm length away.  In his tenure as Primier, his defence on oilsands has been so lukewarm and most often tad too late with less heart.  It is time for this Primier to go, he is dragging his province to the ground.

  2. It just goes to show that no matter who is in government in Ottawa, once the international context is understood, one simply can’t ignore the fact that we are truly laggards when it comes to environmental protection.