Stelmach on George W. visit

“He’s a free man, can travel to any country he wants”


George W. Bush’s speech next month in Calgary, organized by the youthful cloak-and-dagger duo of Calgary-based Christian Darbyshire and Andy McCreath, who very politely answer no questions, is generating mixed feelings even in conservative Alberta. As the Calgary Herald’s Michelle Magnan reports today: “Asked whether he welcomes Bush’s visit to Calgary, Premier Ed Stelmach’s response was curt before leaving a media conference Thursday. ‘He’s a free man, can travel to any country he wants,’ the Premier said.” Magnan also reports that Bush’s appearance, an invitation-only affair that will be the former president’s first public talk since leaving office, will be followed by a question-and-answer session moderated by Frank McKenna, the former premier of New Brunswick and Canada’s one-time Washington envoy.

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Stelmach on George W. visit

  1. Sad, ain’t it? Nobody in the US will pay 43 to hear him speak, not even in Texas.

  2. Too bad we can’t keep people out for old DUI’sm & that nobody can prove those cocaine possession arrest allegations.

  3. We can prove war crimes, however. Kadhr torture.

    “Anyone who has information concerning persons in Canada who may have participated in or conspired in the commission of war crimes or crimes against humanity are invited to report their concerns to the nearest office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or reply directly to this section by > > telephone at (613) 590-1708, by fax (613) 590-2130,”

  4. What we need for this situation is one of those courageous Spanish judges, like the one that had Pinochet arrested… unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll find one in the milquetoast political culture of Canada.

  5. I think they still have a warrant out for him in Vermont, tho.

  6. Ahhh…boohoo…spineles stelmach…..come’on George and speak…the left and red will be turning for weeks!

  7. Stemach is quickly becoming the spongiest of the premiers. I dont think he has an opinion about anything.

  8. Anon – Just as Prem. Stelmach was welcomed in Texas with his two Prairie Colleagues last week, I’m glad President Bush will be welcomed in Alberta.

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