Largest deficit ever prompts Albertans to reach for a favourite political gibe


Post a $4.7-billion deficit and, well, it’s as clear as day—you’re socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Such was the level of discourse focused on Premier Ed Stelmach the morning after his Finance Minister, Iris Evans, dropped her budget Tuesday. Not only is this deficit the first for Alberta in 15 years, it’s larger than the province has ever seen before. “They have done so much damage to their credibility with this budget,” political scientist Faron Ellis, of Lethbridge College, told the Calgary Herald. “I can see this leading to at least some serious interest from a number of Albertans, financially backed by the Calgary oilpatch, seeking to start a new political party.”

Calgary Herald

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  1. Nothing will ever change in Alberta as far as politics go. Albertans will blindly reelect PCs no matter what their performance or policies. They will blindly re elect a chimpanzee In a three piece suit if the chimp is wearing a PC button. They will blindly re elect PCs regardless of the quality of the quality of an opposing party. Very sad and stupid.
    Bobo. (a proud Albertan)

    • I agree that Alberta Liberals get the same devil horns painted on as their Federal counterparts do and the NDP has no chance in hell. I don’t think it has anything to do with a committed love of the PC party. I think the PCs have captured the “we are the Alberta party” vote and everyone else going after them here is tagged as an “in with the “East” party. Combined with the fact that most Albertans here don’t know or care what their Government is doing aside from your typical “granny goodwife” you end up with one PC government after another.

  2. It’s not fair to chavez to compare stelmach to him, I mean chavez is a charismatic leader, but because of his anti american stance, he’s everyones enemy. Stelmach on the other hand has the charisma of a wet tea bag. He was given the premiership, and he was given the leadership of the cons. Here in alberta they don’t care if the reformers are sinking everywhere else, they are gods here, it’s sad really, like they are stuck in a time warp. Harper and his ken doll hair and his phony smile is revered here. Like bobo said, bubbles the chimp could win under the tory flag. some times I suspect the reformers are being run by a chimp, throwing $#!t at people.

    • Hey! Quit insulting wet tea bags!

  3. Where is the Wild Rose Party? Alberta has is the entrepreneurial or small business province, the can do if given a chance province. The Reform began as a national party as the PCs moved into the big business pockets. The Alberta Tories must remember its base and what it stands for or another free enterprise party will rise. The NDP is simply has a “we know what is good for you” bent and the Liberals, like all Liberals, are a “CEOs of big businesses are smarter than regular people so we will listen to CEOs” party. Alberta should be thankful for the government they have but must ensure that they stay on message and not wonder.

    • The absence of a serious contender does not mean Albertans should be happy with the party they have. Alberta PC’s put no effort into diversifying the economy when times are good; this all but guarantees a very hard and painful fall for this Province in the future. No Trudeau to blame for this one this time!

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