Stéphane Dion in Mexican hospital -

Stéphane Dion in Mexican hospital

UPDATED: Former Liberal leader released from hospital after bout with severe food poisoning


Former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion is recovering in a Mexican hospital after a severe case of food poisoning. Dion was attending a climate change conference at a university in suburban Mexico City when he fell ill. Dion has reportedly developed an infection, but is expected to be released on Thursday.

UPDATE: Dion has been released from hospital and is expected back in Canada Wednesday evening.

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Stéphane Dion in Mexican hospital

  1. Mexican greens will do that to you.

  2. Ooh, Harvey, you are the one. Greens are always a nuisance and sometimes a danger. But infection from them? Are they all going toxic or is it septic, as in tank?

  3. Prompt rétablissement, monsieur Dion.

  4. Stephane Dion's digestive system is not a leader.

  5. Be well soon M.Dion.

  6. Why is this news? His image is tarnished enough, no need to make it worse.