Stéphane Dion’s mother dies -

Stéphane Dion’s mother dies

Funeral to be held Saturday in Quebec city


Denyse Kormann, mother of former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, died Friday in Quebec city. Originally born in France, she was the widow of Léon Dion, the co-founder of the Université Laval’s political-science department. Her funeral is scheduled to be held at Église St-Yves in Quebec City at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Montreal Gazette

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Stéphane Dion’s mother dies

  1. Come on, guys. What's the talking point on this one?

    Denyse Kormann: not a breather?

    • Respect please. Stephane like Robert Stanfield was taken down by his own party despite being the best man for the PM office. ergo someone somewhere thought it was relevant

  2. A little respect would be nice but as I have said many times, the Cons brain drained- washed parrots are pathetic. How would you feel if someone responded to the loss of one of your loved ones like you have.

  3. I have learned that respect is sooo lacking these days.I'm a Cons my brain seems to be ok except in the memory dept the odd time, I liked Stephane and yes he got all the wrong treatment from within now the joke is on them as they got a real dilly, not nice but that is how I see it. Sorry to hear Stephane lost his Mom