Stephen Harper cancels curry stop in India after media leak -

Stephen Harper cancels curry stop in India after media leak


A stop Prime Minister Stephen Harper was planning to make at a roadside curry shack during an upcoming diplomatic visit to India had to be cancelled after a “media leak” and security concerns, according to a report in the Khaleej Times Friday.

The prime minister is missing out with his cancelled stop to the dhaba, or roadside eatery, in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab reports the Khaleej Times.

The article quotes Canadian consul general in Chandigarh Scot Slessor as confirming that the Prime Minister has rescheduled and that the quality of the food is, indeed, superior: “I have eaten there (Pal dhaba). The food is amazing. I have eaten in many dhabas across Punjab and Haryana.”

Harper’s six-day trip to India is meant to bring new life into stalled trade deals with the country, reports The Globe and Mail.

In spite of the cancelled curry, Harper still has a jam-packed agenda, with stops at the Taj Mahal in Agra as well as in Delhi, Punjab and Bangalore.

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Stephen Harper cancels curry stop in India after media leak

  1. And once again, our Dear Leader looks like a ninny.

  2. Leak: Didn’t have any Imodium anti-diarrheal on hand…

  3. I look at this two ways. First…


    Like a sudden plot was about to be hatched to assassinate our PM at a Indian Curry Shop! He’s more likely to be killed by a wayward snowball during a Rideau Canal snowball fight. Geez, stand up to your security detail and say “deal with it! I’m eating some spicy curry, dammit!”


    Don’t you believe that, if all had gone as planned, the “curry shop stop” would have been framed, and gobbled up by the media, as an “impromptu” stop on the tour, showcasing the PM’s “wild side”. Might have even been a story planted about how his security detail was “quite beside themselves” as the PM broke protocol and ate with the commoners at his own peril! Yeah, that’s 2012 politics for ya.

    • Yeah, well this is the prime minister who has kids who trick or treat at 24 Sussex led through a metal detector first, and their toy swords and pitchforks taken away until after they pose with the fakily-smiling pm.

      And yes, the second paragraph of your remark is spot-on: this would be like the harpoon jumping on an ATV in the north, or stopping for a Tim Horton donut — planned to look spontaneous. Perhaps he would warble a Beatles’ tune while waiting for the curry.