Stephen Harper to apologize for Air India tragedy -

Stephen Harper to apologize for Air India tragedy

Report findings a “damning indictment” of the federal government, Harper says


Prime Minister Stephen Harper will publicly apologize to those who lost loved ones in the 1985 Air India bombing as part of a “very significant announcement” on Wednesday. Harper is expected to apologize for the series of federal failings during an evening memorial service at Humber Bay Park in Toronto marking the 25th anniversary of the tragedy. Harper’s apology will come just one week after a scathing 4,000-page report in which retired Supreme Court justice John Major chronicled officials’ incompetence when handling the tragedy. In 1985, federal agents botched an investigation into a Canadian cell of Sikh extremists who placed bombs on board two passenger jets that later exploded and killed 331 people. Major didn’t recommend an apology, but remarked that successive federal governments had failed to do so. Previous annual memorial gatherings have drawn smaller crowds, but the 25th anniversary of Canada’s worst terrorist attack is expected to draw hundreds of people to memorial services being held in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

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Stephen Harper to apologize for Air India tragedy

  1. I got an idea why don't the terrorist who did this and got of scot free and are still living here in Canada apologize.

    • Ok you needa chill !!! like u have no idea what ur talking about so get out of ur house and lern something ……………. JK Buddy bobo Jk i am serious u better run around and advertise morgans bakery buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Twenty-five years later and now just an appology? Why do we let people with traditions cruel and strange to us come to Canada. We seem to be seeing more honour killings and it doesn't seem likely to stop. We need the revocation of citizenships for these dastardly crimes.r

  3. What a farce, he apologizes, WE pay. When was the last time you heard a report on a government department that didn't screw up. Give 'em a raise. Tax the private sector…

  4. is it just me?

    or is there something fundamentally wrong with leaving someone who hates government as much as Harper in charge of our government…


    The interesting thing about Harper, is that he's always happy to 'apologize' for someone else's screw-ups & point fingers…

    but as soon as you ask him to do something responsible, he takes a powder. *poof*


    presumably so he can spend more time crafting propaganda news franchises to cover the tracks for his favourite corrupt cronies & corporations…


    Canadians must be masochists to put up with this creep.

    There is something *very wrong* in Ottawa & OilBerta… very wrong… & Canada is going to turn into Saipan or Honduras before Harper is done selling us us out…

    • Just chill out homey G !!!!!!!!

  5. This is crazy stuff is just to harmful for me to read !!!!!

  6. Why did this happen ?How did this happen to our world ? Why did it get like this ?? I am so upset !

  7. Why isnt any one awnser my questions ?? :(