Steve must have been in the bathroom -

Steve must have been in the bathroom


Obama has decided how to proceed in Afhganistan, issued the orders, and is letting (most of) the allies know:

As Mr. Gibbs spoke Monday morning, the president was on the telephone with President Nicolas Sarkozy of France…. Mr. Obama also had calls scheduled with President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia and Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain, and was to meet at the White House on Monday with Kevin Rudd, the prime minister of Australia.

Of course, why would he tell us what’s up. We’ve already said we’re leaving no matter what.

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Steve must have been in the bathroom

  1. Ah! Poor Steve!
    And he thought Barry was his BFF

  2. Why should the American administration care what the Canadian government thinks about its decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan? It doesn't even care what its own citizens think. Neither to those other "allies," come to think of it.

    Democracy, however, marches on.

  3. ouch, dat hurtz.