Steve Nash announces separation -

Steve Nash announces separation

Informs world of son’s birth on same day


Canadian basketball star and 2010 Olympics torchbearer Steve Nash announced he would be separating from his wife this weekend, the same day he announced the birth to his new son Matteo. “I am very thankful and excited that we have a new son, Matteo Nash. Alejandra and the baby are doing fine,” Nash said in a statement in a Life & Style Weekly. “But this is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I; after five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage.” Nash, 36, and his wife Alejandra Amarilla dated for four years before marrying in 2005. They have twin daughters, Lola and Bella, who were born in 2004.

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Steve Nash announces separation

  1. Actually he announced that they had already been separated for a couple of months prior to the birth of their son and further that their priority was to be nurturing parents to their children.

  2. Actually it should be a bittersweet moment "for my wife and me".
    'Educated' people do not seem to like using the word 'me' and continue to make this mistake which makes them sound like hacks. Even Oprah does it, haha..