Stimulus cash hits a dead end -

Stimulus cash hits a dead end

U.S. accidentally issues $22.3 million in stimulus funding to dead or incarcerated people


About $12 million in United States stimulus payments is probably collecting dust, or interest, in the bank accounts of dead people. In May 2009, the Social Security Administration was asked to distribute one-time payments of $250 each, worth about $13 billion in total, as part of the economic-stimulus package passed in February 2009. As it turns out, about 89,000 of those stimulus payments went to dead or incarcerated people. Of the total $22.3 million in mistaken payments, about $12 million hasn’t been returned. The majority of those payments would have been legitimately issued, according to a report by the inspector-general, if the target recipients had still been alive. As for the incarcerated recipients, a legal loophole caused the error—the provisions for preventing stimulus money from going to inmates only barred payment to people incarcerated in the three months prior to the plan’s passage.

Wall Street Journal

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Stimulus cash hits a dead end

  1. Dead people are Obama's constituents too, many voted for Him.

  2. This only shows that Obama's stimulus program is pointless and has no direction other than the graveyard. I hope this directionless stimulus funding is not another nail on US economy's coffin.

    • no it doesn't. it merely shows that, like anything else, it is difficult to execute perfectly

  3. Canada should talk! Its been supplying stimulus money to Quebec and New Brunswick crooks for years! Lot better to give it to the dead!
    Odd how a welfare Country always complains and acts superior to its benefactor! Without the United States we would be even more pathetic! With nothing but incompetent minorities of all stripes running the place, wallowing!

  4. Easy to see the States has the same contempt for taxpayers as Canuckistani governments do. I wonder how many of the dearly departed 'voted' for Obamanation.

  5. You guys need to pay attention…

    Because the Progressives aren't actually going to live amongst the conditions they create. Do they strike you as the type of people how do well when life gets "hard?" They throw fits when Bed Bath and Beyond runs out of their favorite scented candles! They will be the first to bitch and complain about how their lives have "CHANGED", and they will go elsewhere to seek "HOPE"…

    That's right…They will run to Canada…As their parents did! And they will be MORE THEN HAPPY to run your lives, and tell you what is in your best interest…Because THEY know best…

    "Wow…Hockey is a dangerous game that promotes violence…and the players fight and the fans drink beer"…

    That's what you'll hear first…