Stone-throwing chimp meant to do it

A carefully planned attack


Santino the chimp at Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo was caught secreting rocks early in the morning and then throwing them at unsuspecting tourists. Sometimes he broke up concrete to form “missiles.” What makes his Santino unique is his state of mind: he calmly collected his arsenal in pursuit of a future goal and wasn’t driven by primal desires like anger or hunger. Experts theorize the ultimate motive of his attacks was to intimidate the other chimps. Either that or he’s just a thug.

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Stone-throwing chimp meant to do it

  1. Your Honour, just because my client is provided state-subsidized housing and meals, this must not permit the egregious violation of his right to privacy. As such, I move that the prosecution’s “requisite intent” evidence be stricken from the record. Thank you. As the prosecution has no evidence of requisite intent, I move that the charges be dismissed immediately. Thank you.

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