Strange stench befouls downtown Toronto -

Strange stench befouls downtown Toronto

Mystery stink first reported around 8.30 a.m.


A mysterious stink wafted through Toronto’s downtown core on Tuesday morning. The first official reports of the stench came in around 8.30 a.m. after a person called emergency officials to complain of a “dead animal” smell wafting just west of Union Station, the Toronto Star reports. Firefighters and the Toronto Transit Commission have responded, but didn’t find a dead animal or a gas leak. The city is also looking into the source of the stench, with investigators out hunting for an answer. Some have said it smells like an outhouse, while others describe it as egg and sewage mixed together. Twitter users are guessing at the source of the stench, many of them with saucy answers relating to the current election, under the hash tag #whatsthatsmell.

The Toronto Star

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Strange stench befouls downtown Toronto

  1. I'm gonna make a suggestion… just going out on a limb here… is it the Leafs?

    • I like that.

  2. The Leafs would be just east of Union Station. That smell has been there for years.

  3. The remains of the Liberal Party of Canada, perhaps?

    • tee hee ;)

  4. Yes, those answers do reflect the level of education, now found in Canada. Probably not one person ever heard of H2S or various other dispersals from chemical reactions. Its a sad backward Country. Appeasment and dumbing down works that way.

    • specially when people choose guns and drugs instead of an education which makes it easy for the smart ones to manipulate them lol.

    • Are we actually to believe that the firefighters and other "experts" that were investigating the stench have never smelled hydrogen sulfide gas? It is easily identifiable as a rotten egg odor….therefore, perhaps it was not hydrogen sulfide at all!

      • So, obviously, your experts are probably experts attained from a society that extorts for bilingual over knowledge!There are other odours and all caused by chemical reaction, not by a unused brain. The most intelligent, will vote for Harper. In Canada, that could be a problem. The most intelligent, have also left.

  5. All the BS Harper has been spewing in Brampton is finally making its way downtown.

  6. Quelle Je Dit,lol.

  7. pull my finger.

  8. Mystery solved! It was Harpers majority!

  9. "Strange stench befouls downtown Toronto"

    The Harper Regime & his EVIL denizens were in that area!

    The smell of DEATH & DESTRUCTION, the two pillars of the Harper Regimes MAJORITY platform…

  10. somehow this just seems fitting. it's toronto.

  11. How is it different than the regular Toronto stink?

  12. Maybe that's why it's called hog town? [Probably has nothing to do with the election or hockey. More likely the stink emanates from a sewage system that the city hall has not looked at for too many long years of neglect. The infrastructure chickens are coming home to roost!]

  13. Now we know why Ontario seems to have to vote liberal, day after day. You get used to the smell.