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Strategic Outliers


Take a pill everyone:

Fuelled by a substantial rebound in Ontario, a new survey finds the Stephen Harper Conservatives the first choice of 39 per cent of Canadians, 12 points ahead of Stéphane Dion’s Liberals, at 27 per cent.

The figures foreshadow an electoral beating for the Liberals if they were to follow through with recent suggestions and bring the Conservatives down over next week’s budget.

The poll, conducted by The Strategic Counsel for The Globe and Mail/CTV News, shows the widest Conservative lead of a number of recent surveys. Last week, the firm Ipsos-Reid had it 36-29 for the Tories, while Harris-Decima reported a 35-33 Tory margin in its poll released yesterday

Ahh, those were the days.

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Strategic Outliers

  1. Tenth Time out of Ten polling compaay strikes again.

  2. I’m sure Conservatives will love the details you posted. But will they love this:

    “The poll also finds that the New Democrats have dropped seven points from the 2006 election to 12 per cent of the electorate, and are tied with the Greens, which are up seven points to 12 per cent.”

    They’ll either have to argue that the poll is wrong OR that the Greens are likely tied with the NDP, which makes it even harder to justify excluding the Greens from the debate.

  3. Excellent news I for one can’t wait for the writ it’s time to do a little house cleaning and why should the americans have all the fun!

  4. Oh.. I missed the point entirely that you posted results from February.

    Please pass the coffee.

  5. I guess Ontariontonians are not feeling the full effect of the economic slow down yet Maybe Harper can get the vote in before they do.

  6. it’s a tory polling firm. election day will be another matter for me and my cellphone using peers

  7. I always ignore polls done by Strategic Counsel. When compared to the results done by other pollsters, SC’s results consistently favour the Cons.