Strike averted at Via Rail -

Strike averted at Via Rail

Unionized employees agree to three-year deal


Unionized employees at Via Rail have agreed to three year contract, averting a possible strike at the rail company. “It is an excellent agreement for our members. We’ve been bargaining since January, but it’s clear we couldn’t do it without the pressure of a deadline,” said Bob Chernecki, assistant to the Canadian Auto Workers president. The union represents 2,200 employees, including on-board attendants, station attendants, and office workers. The union’s strike notice was set to expire Sunday at midnight.

Montreal Gazette

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Strike averted at Via Rail

  1. Strictly speaking unionized employes represented by the CAW have not yet agreed to anything. The three year contract negotiated by the union barganing committee must still be ratified my a majority vote of the membership.

  2. Here we go with the unions again. If they keep this up there will be no more VIA Rail anymore. The CAW is one of the biggest drags on the Canadian economy.