Student expelled for wearing niqab -

Student expelled for wearing niqab

Muslim woman refused to remove her veil in class; school attempted to accommodate her


Quebec Immigration Minister Yolande James authorized the expulsion of a Muslim woman from a government-sponsored French class at Cégep St. Laurent last fall, a report said Tuesday. According to a report in La Presse, the Egyptian student wearing a niqab didn’t want to remove her veil in the presence of men and objected to having male students face her in the classroom. After several attempts to accommodate the woman, she was expelled. The woman has since complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

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Student expelled for wearing niqab

  1. who does she think she is…..take the stupid thing off and get back to your free frnch lesson.

    • In the same sense, one should question why should she accommodate male students by taking off her veil? Is it completely necessary that male students see her face in order for them to study. One may say that the free education is something to be grateful for and they should accept the "terms" which come with the studies, however, any and all education given by the government free of charge or if sponsored or funded by the government has only one objective; to improve the work force for the benefit of Canada. Therefore, if people are going to be educated so that they can become valuable workers and contributors to our nation, they should be at least given the right to stand by their religion or customs without being penalized or barred off from the opportunities any other would have available.

  2. After several attempts to accommodate this person…the person still was not satisfied…I say person because the person is so well covered we don`t know what is under the garb the person is wearing…it should be the other way around ,we should refuse to be in the same room with a person that is so well covered that only the eyes are visible. Maybe they have a contagious disease for all we know !

    • Then why dont they just refuse. why dont you just refuse being in the same room as all other clothed or covered people. or better yet, away from people who are sick, poor, stupid, or just different. you seem to me just a narrow minded racist who feels that he can look down on people because most of them have refugee status. shall i remind you that once in the history of the western world, women were expected to wear dresses that reached up to their toes. anything shorter than that length and the whole community would assume they be a flapper. having spent most of their lives in a country where a strict dress code is in effect, it is not easy to assimilate western culture today and suddenly reveal what they were taught to hide all their lives. these women are finally stepping away from restrictions and expectations of musslim women. from being housewives of polygamists and being forbidden from attending school to taking gaining an education and earning jobs, they are, contrary to what many cynics and skeptics may believe, changing their ways of living and slowly accepting modernized ideals. however, people from countries which are already developed are also extremist in their won sense; the sense that this land is "theirs" and that to live and to be educated in it, people must accept their terms or receive none at all. HERES A WAKE UP CALL. your generation is over. the younger populations (those that havent yet been brainwashed by their racist parents) already understand that a change has occurred in the way humans think. we accept gay marriage, stem cell research, further supported womens rights, need for environmental protection, and the positivity of diversity within a country. ALL YOU BLINDED RACIST ARE GOING TO BE ELIMINATED AND ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED IN SOCIETY. ONE DAY WHEN YOU ARE WEAK AND DYING OF OLD AGE AND A MINORITY GROUP, YOU WILL FEEL WHAT IT WAS YOU IMPOSED ON PEOPLE OF OTHER COLOURS AND COUNTRIES. OPEN YOUR EYES DIMWITS. THE WARS ARE OVER AND YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE ELSE. YOU WILL BLEED IF YOU ARE CUT AND YOU WILL DIE ALONE IF YOU RESIST CHANGE OF A SOCIETY. SO DAMN STUPID YOU ARE. GROW A PAIR MORONS.

      • Uh oh… minus 1 dude.. i would have given you at least a minus 3….

        • Bite me Einstein. Did I say something to insult left winged hypocrites of the world? I feel TERRIBLE!! I offer to you my most sincere condolences.

          All I wish to add is that there will be many, many people left AGHAST and MISERABLE when I become a politician because of the changes I will bring to those who abound our country dressing as sheep when really they are wolves, waiting to pounce on minority groups.

          What can I say True North? Is it my fault that some people are unable to see the similarities between themselves and those who they feel animosity and superiority towards? Both racists and Extremists are very set in their ways of perceiving values and traditions. Arrant hypocrites who cannot even fathom a world beyond that which they have created for themselves. I'm just defending a balance for all those who seem to think that the Muslim woman deserves everything that is directed at her because she will not conform herself to the demands of trivial uniformity.

          By the way True North, a word of advice from a sophomore would be, " Graduate High school so that you will one day become literate to a certain degree which is acceptable!". Toodle loo!

  3. The CEGEP is absolutely right in expelling her. She is merely pushing the Muslim envelope. We are NOT a Muslim country, nor should we ever become one. It is but one more example of that group's spearhead efforts to infiltrate, destabilize, and ultimately dominate the so-called infidels. Enough is enough. Get real, get with the modern era, or get the hell out. And the beauty of it? They are using our own values to undermine our society. Think about how far a busload of Western women would get if they arrived over there and sued Saudi Arabia for the "right" to wear shorts and scoop-neck tops!!!

    • This is not over yet. The niqab wearer complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. I'll bet the Commission will want to rule in the niqab wearer's favour in the name of everything that is cool, hip, tolerant and politically correct. But then again what about Quebec's cultural specificity? Will the Commission not have to consider that? And if they rule in the niqab wearer's favour might that not provoke a Quebec nationalist backlash for infringing on their rights to home rule? And if they rule in Quebec's favour will that not provoke an extremist Muslim backlash complete with fatwas and threats? Oh dear, oh dear, what a predicament, a choice between nationalist, culturally intolerant Quebec and Islamic extremism. What a tangled web we've woven, in this accommodative, multicultural, post nationalist, hyper tolerant Canada.

      • The Quebec human rights commission, Commission des droits de la personne et de la jeunesse.

        • The article above say`s she made a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.. This is one story that is going to be interesting to follow..what to do?, what to do???

        • Quebec (and Ontario, and B.C. etc.) Human Rights Commission = Fifth Column ?

  4. i think when catholic nuns go into government buildings they should also have to remove their headgear ..catholics should also pull themselves into the 21st century …they should also be taken to the human rights court for not allowing women to be priests

  5. I'd like this idea that we should be telling women what to wear to be put to rest once and for all, especially when they do it out of sincerely held religious beliefs. I wish her luck, because this is not just about her freedom, it's about the freedom of all Canadians.

  6. if i ask you , take your underwear and pant off and go in public, would you do that, you may not do that, bz you are not used to walk naked in public, same as that lady she is not used to be in public without Niqab. make sense…

  7. Wow. I believe somehow that they should give respect.