Study finds fatty breakfast is best for you -

Study finds fatty breakfast is best for you

Report recommends big breakfast, light lunch and dinner


Gobble down that guilt and bring on the bacon. That advice comes from the International Journal of Obesity, whose researchers recently discovered that the bigger and fattier your breakfast is, the healthier it is. That’s because your body’s metabolism gets a jump start on breaking down fats over the course of the day. The report focused on when people eat what meals, and advocates a big, fatty breakfast followed by a smaller lunch and then a light dinner. The bad news is that the midnight pizza slice is unlikely to receive such vindication any time soon.

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Study finds fatty breakfast is best for you

  1. I wish I could agree, but my fattest days were when I was eating giant, fatty breakfasts, which I'm addicted to. Cutting them down has helped cut away twenty five pounds in the process; bacon and eggs is now a twice-a-week thing.

    Simple moderation appears to be a more effective weight loss tactic than anything recommended by anyone in any book or study, from any discipline.

    • I suppose it is possible that TOTAL DAILY CALORIES still matter, as well. Taking this new recommendation to some sort of Daily-Sunday-Brunch-Buffet meal plan is likely not what they had in mind…

    • Sadly I have to agree. I have lost weight just cutting out those delicious, delicious breakfasts

  2. Don't eat food, it's bad for you!

  3. I knew it all along.

    Now it's just a matter of time before they come around to seeing that a huge eye-of-round (rare), fries, and several pints of Guinness is the healthiest way to end the day.

  4. This study brought to you by the Bacon Council of Canada