Sun TV News application approved -

Sun TV News application approved

News and opinion channel gets specialty license


Sun TV News has been green-lit by the CRTC after a long war with the regulator and critics who are opposed to the 24-7 news-and-opinion channel nicknamed “Fox News North.” The CRTC had previously refused to grant the Quebecor property a category one license that would force cable and satellite providers to carry the channel, like CTV News Channel and CBC News Network. Instead, it received a category two license, which is granted to most specialty channels. The channel is expected to be modeled after the right-leaning and opinion-heavy Fox News. In the past year, Fox News has regularly attracted more than three times the viewership of its main competitor, CNN. In September, Kory Teneycke, the former spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and chief spokesperson for Sun TV News resigned after prominent Canadians, including Margaret Atwood, signed their name to a petition trying to block the channel’s license.

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Sun TV News application approved

  1. Now before this debate begins: I challenge all those who believe that Sun TV should not have been granted a license to argue this point without attacking the station's content as a reason why.

    I can't stand Fox News, I find it incredibly obnoxious. If Sun TV is the same, I probably won't watch it.

    But that's not a good reason to deny it a spot on the airwaves.

    • I don't think many ever said they shouldn't be granted a spot on the airwaves. Had they applied for a normal specialty license in the first place, there would have been none of this drama.

      What they originally requested was a "must carry", which would make them part of a the basic cable package and would give them an automatic per-subcriber income. They then announced they intended to launch in Jan 2011, knowing full well the next scheduled set of "must carry" licenses wouldn't be looked at until later that year.

      What had most upset was the unanswered quetion of what special access did they have to bypass the normal regulatory process? They acted like they had it in the bag. Me, I think it was a beautiful publicity ploy, aimed to generate controversy and pump up subscriber numbers for when they launched the station they knew they'd have all along.

      • "I don't think many ever said they shouldn't be granted a spot on the airwaves."

        You're probably right, but all those who did are posting on the CBC message boards right now. Boy are they pissed.

        • Well, the CBC message boards have a tendency to attract the largest and loudest from both sides. Nothing new there.

      • If I were starting a new channel, whether it was news, opinion, or fishing, I would certainly try for a must carry license first, even if it was a longshot. What do I have to lose?

        I would ascribe the fact that they applied for must-carry out of season as an act of effrontery, but nothing nefarious.
        Maybe they were hoping that a groundswell of public support would allow them an advanced hearing, but it probably was just for the publicity.

      • What they originally requested was a "must carry", which would make them part of a the basic cable package and would give them an automatic per-subcriber income.

        Wrong. They originally asked for "must offer," not "must carry."

    • You are all forced to pay for an inordinate number of french channels, of which I never have nor ever will sign up for as long as there is FTA, so how could one offer one complaint of an English channel in this 95% English speaking Country? What a mess of a so-called Country.

  2. Harper must be excited about his Xmas present. Faux news north will prop up Harper just like Fox supported Bush by repeating d all his lies as if it were the truth . Lying to people is not democracy, it is propaganda pure and simple. Unfortunately the simple among us eat it up and wrap themselves in the flag, and point out that we are a chosen people. They will mimic, your with us or sic "agin" us , and other platitudes sprouted by W . The best one Bush go away with that he was chosen by God and all his illegal invasions and needless killing of innocents was ordained from above. Expect the same tripe from faux news north. Harper and his creationist cabinet must be ecstatic.

    Read more:

  3. I don't know what the problem is… Sun TV news is finally going to give us the straight goods, information that's not filtered through the leftist MSM. Now, all we have to do is stop subsidizing the Lieberal-supporting CBC with our hard-earned tax dollars, and we'll be all set.

    Or something like that. I'm trying to be a good conservative… did I get my talking points right?

    • You forgot a couple, but it looks like Philanthropist (below) has your back.

      • DAMMIT. I heard if you post the right 'leftist MSM Lieberal' comment, you get a free Kory action figure. I hope I'm still in the running.

      • I nailed Judge Roy Bean (below) almost verbatim! That Kory action figure is as good as mine!

        • I understand that, if you wind him up, he swings to the right and then covers his ears.

  4. Good news. Liberals can't handle the truth, they're too narrow-minded. But they never listen to reason anyhow, so an open-minded network shouldn't bother them.

  5. Hey let's just see how man viewers are willing to pay for the channel. That is unless it's squeezed into a bundle package along with very popular choices such as sports and movies bundles. Then people will be screaming, what is this crap being shoved down my throat when I can have TSN2 instead or some other popular channel…

    Besides that Harper is garbage for his involvement on this…and from here in we can call this SUN TV NEWS, the HARPER SPECIALITY CHANNEL, with regular segments called "I Make The Rules" and "This Week's Cut and Run" press conference with Harper

  6. The best news in Canuckistan since the demise of our 'great leadet' from the 60's. Lieberals have no interest in facts so they will not be swayed one iota but at least those who don't believe the left has an automatic right to rape your wallet will know there are people who agree with them. I will be pissed if this is an extra cable cost. Finally some balance. The 'peoples network' should lose every penny of taxpayer subsidization and play by the same rules. We'll see how long they last.

    • The best news in Canuckistan since the demise of our 'great leader' from the 60's"

      Geez, you're being pretty hard on Dief….

  7. The CBC will remain on the air. Not too worry. And will continue to be dead last in the ratings.

    • The CBC isn't designed to top the ratings. It's designed to infuriate rabid libertarians into wasting their political energy posting about the CBC on comment boards.

      Seems to be working.

    • True! the only redeeming factor to cbc is hockey night in canada.

  8. Will there be afternoon cartoons ?

    Big slow softball ….

    And, offered as a tandem with AJE I'd welcome it.

  9. I hope Sun TV News faux off!

    • Shall I redirect you to YYZ's comment above? Or is it NOT the content of the channel you oh-so despise?

  10. With a slogan like "Straight and Hard", I wonder exactly whom they're aiming their content at. Maybe they should be slotted with the other porn channels.

  11. Finally, a counterbalance to the Liberal media $hit we have had to endure in this country since that slime-ball PET rigged the nation's media with the CRTC BS! About time!

  12. We've been waiting long time for counter-ballance a liberal-twisted CBC.
    Is it posible to have Sun TV broadcasted on air like Global or CityTV or is it cable-only TV?

  13. Sun TV doesn't even exist yet and we are already either frothing at the mouth in anger or excitement. You know what? Canadians are smart, rational, reasonable people. We are not fearful, polarize and easy to influence. I see comments quick to slam the CBC for being too liberal but really? Compare it with MSNBC or the Huffington Post, not nearly as polarized and I believe Sun TV has the same ability to be another source of information produced respectfully without turning into Fox News.

    And if it is a Fox News? Well that really sucks but, guess what, that's freedom of press in Canada. I just won't watch it nor support it in any way. That's really all anyone can do.

  14. Suntv News will be the greatest thing that will happen to Canada. I am tired of the CTV, CBC, news. Canada needs the truth in news and we aint getting the real news. We get slander and hogwash. Why is it that the Liberals are so scared of this station. Because they know once the truth is out there, the NDP's will have more seats that the Libs. Canadians want freedom of speech and why is it that they are so against freedom of speech. So long Libs.

  15. If it doesnt get on basic cable then all other news should have to be subscribed to individually too. Why do we have to watch just those other news stations! I want SuntvNews. No others Please!