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1. It’s amazing how much time you can kill on tumblr. Here’s my new favourite.

2. Academics are conformists.

3. Monkey reform school

4. Everything you want to know about jealousy, destroyer of love

5. Federal workers miss work more than anyone else in the country

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Sunday linkage

  1. No surprise that government and/or union workers take the most time off work. I am always amazed how those two groups of people think they are the hardest, most stressed workers in Canada when in reality they have the cushiest working conditions imaginable.

    More interested in the academia and group think. Academics who think political correctness is the ultimate in thought have taken over academia and they take a hardline stance against anyone who doesn't agree with them. I think what happened to Larry Summers and James Watson, as two examples, is absurd and illustrates how close minded many profs are nowadays.

    I am very interested in why people do the things they do and I believe Dr Bouchard is spot on when he says “We still have whole domains we can't talk about,” referring to the psychology of differences between races and sexes". Many academics in positions of power believe in tabula rasa, and go to great lengths to impose their ideology, when we know it just isn't true and our genes are quite powerful.