Sunken oil rig off Louisiana coast isn’t leaking

Eleven workers still missing after explosion


The U.S. coast guard is allaying fears a sunken oil drilling rig off the Louisiana coast might be leaking. The rig, roughly 80 kilometres off the coast, was devastated by an explosion on Tuesday, eventually collapsing on Thursday. But while there is a significant amount of oil on the surface, Mike O’Berry, a senior chief petty officer with the coast guard, says robots show there are no leaks happening under water. Meanwhile, rescue efforts are still underway to recover 11 rig workers who are still missing since Tuesday’s explosion. More than 100 workers escaped the accident, which critically injured four.

CBC News

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Sunken oil rig off Louisiana coast isn’t leaking

  1. Yay – the oil rig isnt leaking ? probably because when it sank it broke the pipe to the ocean floor. Ill bet the big hole in the ocean floor is leaking though.

  2. it doesnt work that way. there are sub-surface valves designed to close case of failures such as this. its not the oil coming out of the ground you should be concerned with, its the 2 million plus liters of diesel that was on the rig when it sank.

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