Super-sized carbon deposits in arctic pose new greenhouse gas threat

Study concludes that if the permafrost thaws, carbon and methane emissions will skyrocket


A newfound discovery of super-size frozen carbon deposits in the arctic has scientists worried that permafrost carbon thawing could accelerate climate change. A study has shown that there is more than twice the amount of carbon stored in the arctic and boreal regions than was suspected‹over 1.5 trillion tons of frozen carbon (approximately twice as much CO2 in the atmosphere now). If the permafrost thaws, it may lead to significant emissions of carbon and methane into the atmosphere. “Permafrost carbon is a bit of a wildcard in the efforts to predict future climate change,” says Dr Canadell, co-author of the study.

Science Daily

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Super-sized carbon deposits in arctic pose new greenhouse gas threat

  1. But surely our new arctic factory farms will adequately sequester the carbon…?

  2. This is not new news! James Lovelock has written about Arctic carbon being one of the feedback devices which will provide a tipping point that we may have already passed. 500 ppm will be the new watchword to a "new" world for a couple of hundred thousand years.

  3. Yawn, more doomsday blather from the hucksters. Gotta keep the hysteria at a fever pitch or all those millions of unemployed people who will soon have no money at all to fork over to Big Al. (and no carbon footprint what so ever, since the homeless cant afford, heat,lights or gasoline or much of anything else). As I watch my home province de-industrialize and de-populate, I think a lot of people have real problems, right here, right now. Fairy tales are the last think most people are worried about today. Oh, and by the way, the CBC reported on July 2nd, that the ice was so thick this year, the summer suppy ships going to Nunavit had to call in extra ice breakers to get though. Darn that mother nature, just wouldn't get with program. Cheers.

  4. Glo-Bull Warming is out and out fraud and those who believe the fat ass Al Gore are nothing more than useful idiots;

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