Super-visa program for parents and grandparents kicks off -

Super-visa program for parents and grandparents kicks off

Elderly visitors required to have private health insurance


A program that allows parents and grandparents of Canadian immigrants to join their families through a 10-year so-called super-visa kicked off on Thursday. The new visa, which must be renewed every two years, requires elderly relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to have private health insurance. Family sponsors in Canada must also show evidence that they can financially support their parents and grandparents. The program represents the Conservatives’ attempt to tackle a backlog of about 165,000 of elderly relatives applying for Canadian permanent residence that has kept families in the waiting for as long as a decade.

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Super-visa program for parents and grandparents kicks off

  1. I think this is the most fair way to tackle the backlog. If we did not have the private health insurance in place we are opening our already disfunctionally overburdened healthcare system to people that have never worked and been a supporter of that system through their taxes and contributions. I am sorry but I and my family have worked all our lives in Canada and paid into the system around us. I am the one responsible to pay the added fees that healthcare related aging brings to my parents. So in the long run this is the most equitable thing that could have been done. Finally a good thing coming from Government, hey look at that Blue Moon.

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