SupercalifragilisticEKOSaladocious! (34/26/18/11/10) -

SupercalifragilisticEKOSaladocious! (34/26/18/11/10)


National Federal Vote Intention

Conservatives: 34 (-)

Liberals: 26 (-)

New Democrats: 18 (-1)

Greens: 11 (-)

Bloc Quebecois: 10 (-)


More stuffing? Help yourself.

UPDATE: This doesn’t really have anything to do with the latest EKOS numbers, but just to let y’all know: I am deleting most of Leo G.’s “ABCD/E/F” comment spam. I left two (identical) offerings, but really, I don’t think it’s necessary for it to appear – sometimes multiple times – in every thread.


SupercalifragilisticEKOSaladocious! (34/26/18/11/10)

  1. From the Ekos site: “Conservative supporters do, however, seem more determined than Liberals to go to the polls on Tuesday.”

    I couldn’t find a question that tapped into this. Anyone know (beyond the accepted wisdom that the Conservative GOTV is superior) how they can assert this?

  2. Ekos? LOL!

    Bias, do not trust them they work for the Cons.

  3. The NDP vote is collapsing!


    Anybody But Confused Dion Eh Frere

  5. If Robopoller has the margin this narrow…

  6. ABAC

    Anybody but a crook! Bye harper! Cadman affair, In-and-out, income trusts, make-up, culture hater, measured response, etc etc etc etc

  7. The edifier (sorry Kady – editor) has spoken.
    Now no doubt stands accused of blocking free speech (the fact that Sweater Boy is travelling around within a protective RCMP bubble – to ensure no-one witnesses him getting his months wrong again)…or mis-speaking en francais about the trillions under his no-risk management!

  8. “In Quebec, an astonishing number of respondents – nearly a quarter – say they are “likely” to change their vote intention before going to the polling station.”

    I’m guessing Cons are hoping and praying this breaks their way.

  9. I read with a kind of weary amazement that people are now accusing Ekos of working for the Conservatives. Their crime, apparently, is to predict a Conservative victory. This makes perfect sense: for years Frank Graves was assumed to be in Jean Chrétien’s back pocket because in 1997 and 2000 he predicted Liberal majorities.


    Anybody But Confused Dion: Ekos, Frank Graves

  11. But you say that only because you are in the Conservatives, I mean Liberal, I mean Elizabeth May’s back pocket ;)

  12. I don’t understand what the point of poll publication ban is if they only do it on day of election. Why not 5/7 days before election if they are worried about influencing voters?

    I don’t agree with publication ban at all but don’t understand the reasoning behind banning polls on election day only. Yesterday’s and today’s polls are surely influencing some undecided people.

  13. jwl, if you believe that polls influence voters, I don’t understand why you don’t support a ban on polls being published?

    I’m not saying support a ban on polls. If pollsters want to poll and can make money at it without being paid by mainstream media, they’re welcome to do so and post results on their websites. Each war-room can commission or avail themselves of such polls, etc.

    But when it influences how a voter is going to vote (and I’m not saying for sure that it does, just if it can be proven it does) doesn’t that mess with the democratic process?

    I don’t see a problem with the results on websites, because then actively interested people would have to search it out. And I don’t believe actively interested people let a poll tell them how to vote.

  14. For the record, I wasn’t trying to accuse Ekos of bias. I’m always interested in the extent to which pollsters are willing to make conclusions beyond the obvious data gleaned by the questions. (It’s a bit of an occupational hazard: imagine trying to write fresh copy about minorly varying numbers, day after day).

    Anyway, I thought perhaps there were additional questions not listed that someone knew about. (e.g., “How likely is it that you will go out and vote on election day?”)

  15. Jenn

    I don’t think polls should be banned because I believe a) the more info the better, I don’t like it when info is controlled by government, it’s almost a free speech issue to me b) people get to vote for whatever reason they want and if they want to vote for the winning side or strategic vote or whatever, than let them.

    I don’t understand people who let polls influence their vote, nor do they probably understand me, but people should be free to choose whoever they want, for whatever reason they want and polls are part of that process.

  16. Sean S

    It’s my understanding that the majority of questions asked by pollsters don’t get listed. The numbers Ekos, and the other polling firms, publish are not that helpful or enlightening.

    What exactly does 34/26/18/11/10 tell us? Not much. And then the regional breakdowns, the +- margins of error are always huge and don’t tell us much either. I think all the good stuff is kept from us.

  17. UPDATE: Why not delete all posts with a hint of anything but Liberal support?

  18. An eight point spread in a poll largely done over a long weekend spells disaster for the libs.

    Feeling pretty good about my prediction right about now.

  19. One of your better puns, Kady. Come to think of it, you have a slight resemblance with a young Julie Andrews… don’t know about your singing voice.