Support for Afghan war hits rock bottom in U.S. -

Support for Afghan war hits rock bottom in U.S.


Several polls reveal Americans are all but fed up with the war in Afghanistan, now over a decade old. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll shows 69 per cent of respondents in the U.S. think their country should not be at war with Afghanistan. Two fifths (44%) say troops should withdraw sooner than 2014, while 33 per cent say the Obama administration should maintain its current timetable.

More than half of Americans (57%) in a Pew Research poll say troops should withdraw from Afghanistan as soon as possible, and 50 per cent feel the same way according to a Gallup/USA Today poll.

Canadian-based polling firm Angus Reid Public Opinion also issued its latest survey on the Afghan war today, revealing that support for the mission is at an all-time low amongst Americans: “52 per cent of respondents oppose the military operation involving American soldiers in Afghanistan, while 38 per cent support it. Since February 2010, support for the mission has fallen by 16 points, while opposition has risen by 14 points.”


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