Supporting the sealers with fur pins


As MPs parted Parliament Hill for the summer break, the awareness item to sport were seal skin ribbons in support of Canadian sealers.

Montreal NDP MP Thomas Mulcair.


Bloc MP Nicole Demers. (Her head is shaved from a cancer fundraiser.)


Montreal Liberal MP Marc Garneau.


Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.



Supporting the sealers with fur pins

  1. Instead of fur pins, they should be wearing tiny silver sealing clubs on their lapels.

    • Reminds me of this, lol.

  2. Eric Reguly had an interesting column in this month's G&M ROB Magazine. He has an interesting perspective, including a view from Europe.

    Is the seal hunt worth it?
    It makes meagre revenues and costs a fortune of goodwill abroad

    He says no.

    P.s. – I was shocked to see a pic of Justin Trudeau. It was about time, Mitch!

  3. Between asbestos and sealing, it's tough to decide which narrow appeal to an absurdly marginal constituency is more desperate.

    • The combined revenues from asbestos and sealing are less than Dany Heatley's annual compensation.

      • What are you saying, CR? That since government is so good at picking winners, federal taxpayers should be subsidizing hockey players with questionable driving skills?

        • Nope, myl. I used the Heatley example just to demonstrate the scale of these industries.

      • I wonder what colour of ribbon Ottawa-area MPs will sport to demonstrate their support for clubbing Dany Heatley?

        • Black and blue, dripping red.

    • The combined revenues from asbestos and sealing are less than Danny Heatley's annual compensation.

  4. The pins look like seal stoles for Barbie, but I think she's gone PETA.

    Seriously, a little creepy, and could someone please innovate some new symbols that are not coloured ribbons in a loop, or a think elastic band for the wrist?

  5. Our GG has ulu earrings. It's true.

  6. If all the MPs wore seal skin ribbons, how many seals would have to die to make them?

    • Depending on the seal, maybe 1/12th of a seal? They release the other 11/12th.

      • Really? 308 fur ribbons from 1/12 of a seal? That's a helluva big seal.

        • Enough for a state dinner at Rideau Hall?

          Oh, and très cute, Jack.

        • Enough for a state dinner at Rideau Hall?

          Oh, and très cue, Jack.

  7. truly sickening disregard for lives other than their owns – Ottawa 101.


    • I hear some of them also wear leather shoes, and eat meat, and set traps to kill rats rather than having their homes overwhelmed by vermin.


      • so do I, but I don;t kill wild animals just for their coats and to send the majority of profits over seas to Norway the CHIEF beneficiary of the atlantic slaughter.

        the inuit already have an exemption.

        it's sick and depraved, brute and useless.

        • Well, It's not JUST for their coats, it's also to prevent them from completely overrunning the Atlantic seaboard. Do you have any idea how many Harp seals there are? 'Cause most seem to believe there are between 5-6 MILLION. (a peer -reviewed study in 1999 put the population at an unsustainable 5.4 million individuals).

          My comparison to rats wasn't an accident.

          The seal population today is arguably larger than it was even before the commercial hunt even began (though, admittedly, reliable estimates from the 1800s aren't simple to come up with). Regardless, the damn things are EVERYWHERE.

          So, while I'm not going to go out on the ice and start killing the seals myself, it's true, I'm also not going to exterminate rats around my neighborhood myself either. That doesn't mean I'm going to pillory the Orkin man, or insist that he leave the poor rats alone (and I'm pretty sure with rats, they don't even so much as harvest the skins!).

          Frankly, I actually don't care much one way or the other whether the hunt continues or not. And I do understand that it's possible that the hunt is more damaging to our international reputation than it's really worth. However, the self-righteousness of opponents who don't generally know what the Hell they're talking about, and really just want to save the seals 'cause they're cute (despite the fact that harvesting the cute ones is actually still banned!) makes me want to dig in my heals a bit.

          Saving animals is great, but perhaps efforts would be better focused on species with populations of less then 5 million.

          • When you use the word ‘harvest’ as opposed to slaughter or hunt, it kind of outs your sympathies.

            Anyway, not sure the rat analogy holds up–people don’t live in the Ocean, so an infestation isn’t the issue. Besides, bandying numbers just reduces the conversation to he-said/she said. We have no way of knowing whether you’re telling the truth, in a position to know the truth, or whether you only have a few pieces of the puzzle.

            From what I can tell, the issue is complex:
            Killing seals isn’t a tradition that many Atlantic Canadians actually participate in any more.
            It was only ever a supplement to their income, but is barely that now that climate change has shortened the season.
            Last year, our gov’t actually paid millions (4) to store seal pelts there are no markets for.

            If my tax dollars are going to supplement fishermen–which I’m all for–maybe it’s time to innovate somehow. Give them something that isn’t insanely dangerous, that actually makes them a buck. Near as I can tell, this so-called industry doesn’t give fishermen a leg-up so much as hold them down.

            Again, this is just a perspective, but it looks like these ribbons are part of a campaign to curry favour with Atlantic voters more than support for Canadians or industry.

  8. Apparently someone asked what the least they could do for the sealing industry would be

    • Actually, I think technically the least one can do for the sealing industry is complain on a blog about how all the politicians are doing is wearing ribbons.

      (And also, I hasten to add, the other thing our politicians happen to be doing is KEEPING THE SEALING INDUSTRY GOING against sizable international pressure).

  9. do you really wanna stand up for that? are you going to go out on the ice flo's and start killing and skinning yourself?