Supreme Court is parents' last chance to keep comatose Edmonton girl on ventilator -

Supreme Court is parents’ last chance to keep comatose Edmonton girl on ventilator


OTTAWA – The Supreme Court has received a motion asking it to stay a decision to take a two-year-old Edmonton girl, allegedly abused by her parents, off life support.

A spokesman with the court says the motion has yet to be processed and it’s not known how quickly the high court will respond.

Lawyers representing the parents of the little girl are running against the clock to prevent doctors from taking the child off a ventilator that is keeping her alive.

On Wednesday, the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld a judge’s ruling that it’s in the child’s best interest to let her die.

The parents are charged with injuring the child and the Alberta court ordered that they be allowed a last visit with the girl before the end of Thursday.

Doctors have testified she is in a coma with an irreversible brain injury and will never regain consciousness.

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Supreme Court is parents’ last chance to keep comatose Edmonton girl on ventilator

  1. Honestly don’t know what I’d do in this situation. The parents are charged with injuring the child, which presumably is why she’s on life support in the first place. As I said, they are CHARGED, not convicted so we don’t really know for sure that they are responsible. If they’re responsible, one could say they have forfeited their right to any access of the child, even if it’s just to say goodbye to her. On the other hand shouldn’t they be considered innocent until proven guilty? And if that is the case, shouldn’t mercy prevail?

    • Mercy….hmm that is an interesting concept with relation to these parents. I am not sure if you are aware of the type of “injuries” this little girl suffered but she and her sister were SEVERELY starved of food and otherwise neglected in terms of being denied the necessities of life. The little girl in the coma was so undernourished that her system stopped functioning and she lost conciousness. The girls also have a brother who apparently was thriving both physicially and as far as has been reported, emotionally. Do you know for sure if the parents were responsible? Well, they were in the home 24/7 and as “parents” charged with the care of these two young girls. Who else would be responsible for the long-term neglect involved in starving and generally mistreating young children execpt the parents who care for them daily? Further, the parents are now fighting the removal of the life support system, claiming it is against their religion (which leaders of the religion have said is not true) when a more realistic explaination is that the parents would rather face attempted homocide charges vs. homocide charges. Is it REALLY A difficult situation….if my memory services me correctly their two year old daughter weighed about what a 6 month old baby weighs when they found her.