Supreme Court rules in favour of Insite

Safe injection facility can stay open despite federal government’s objections


In a landmark unanimous decision, the Supreme Court has overruled the federal government’s objections to a safe injection site in Vancouver. The Conservatives had sought to repeal Insite’s special exemption from drug possession and trafficking laws, but the court found in the B.C. provincial government’s favour, ruling that it could keep the clinic open. The move is expected to make it easier for other provinces to open and maintain similar harm-reduction facilities.

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Supreme Court rules in favour of Insite

  1. Good. At least a little common sense can be said to have prevailed today.

    Hopefully someday we’ll deal with all such issues in a logical fashion.

    Making criminals of addicts makes us just as sick as they are.

  2. The top court has ruled 9-0 against the federal government’s effort to close Vancouver’s Insite facility.

    Supporters of the site argued that closing the facility would violate the rights of addicts living in one of the country’s most-desolate neighborhoods. It’s widely known that Insite prevents overdose deaths, reduces the spread of HIV and hepatitis and curbs crime and open drug use.

    Why wouldn’t the government be in favor of such harm reduction strategies?

    Could it be that because of their ideological bent, they are blind to such clinics?

    They would rather build more expensive prisons to warehouse people, without treatment, which will cost billions of dollars per year and won’t make our society safer in the long term.

    This whole tough on crime strategy is designed to appeal to the unjustified fears of Harper’s supporters. If the government really wanted to deal with this issue in a meaningful way, they could start by treating the roughly 30% of inmates in prisons who have mental health problems.

    • Why
      Did you choose to write your reply in such a strange format. Takes up way to much room.

  3. Just when you thought Tony Clement couldn’t be any more of a doofus….BAM!…The Supreme Court adds to his doofusosity.

    • Nah, they didn’t add to it, they just confirmed it for those who weren’t sure.

  4. To borrow from the old 22 Minutes sketch:

    “And that’s… the right answer!”

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