Updated: Supreme Court will not hear appeal against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear an appeal in a conflict of interest case involving troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The appeal sought to restore a lower court ruling which last year found Ford in a conflict and ordered him removed from office.

That finding was overturned earlier this year by an appeal panel.

As usual, the Supreme Court gave no reasons for refusing to hear the case.

The matter dates back to 2010, when the City of Toronto’s integrity commissioner ruled that Ford — at the time a city councillor — had abused his position by using official letterhead and other council resources in fundraising letters which generated $3,150 for his cherished football foundation.

The council discussed the matter and voted to order Ford to return the money, only to reverse itself last year with Ford, as mayor, voting in his own favour.


Updated: Supreme Court will not hear appeal against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

  1. this was not a good place for clay ruby to get involved. i know he likes to do high profile cases and his humanitarian work has been great but this just makes him look ridiculous. but so did all those hoochy pictures his daughter used to put on facebook.

  2. Boy, when things go Ford’s way it sure gets quiet here!!!!

    • Mention the names Harper, Ford or Baird and the progressive puppies start barking on cue

  3. So he gets off again because it’s just not a big enough deal for the court to bother with. He was convicted and should have stepped down.

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