Supreme Court will hear Khadr appeal -

Supreme Court will hear Khadr appeal

Prime Minister has one more chance to overturn Federal Court ruling


The Supreme Court of Canada will hear the Harper government’s appeal of a Federal Court ruling that ordered the government to seek the repatriation of Omar Khadr. The Federal Court ruling was earlier upheld by the Federal Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court has also agreed to expedite the proceedings and will hear the case on Nov. 13. It has previously ruled that interrogations by Canadian authorities violated Khadr’s Charter rights.

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Supreme Court will hear Khadr appeal

  1. To deny someone their rights, because we disagree with their beliefs and actions, diminishes our own rights. Then when the courts say he must repatriated–and our current government takes that legal ruling to the highest court in Canada–what type of petite person do we have as a leader?