Surprise: We're not flying kites -

Surprise: We’re not flying kites


Dave Pugliese reports that Canada has ordered 1300 bombs at $100k apiece  for our war against Libya. Opines one analyst:

What kind of war did Canada think it was going to fight? Did they think this war was going to be over quickly or that the Americans would drop all the bombs?”

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Surprise: We’re not flying kites

  1. No details were provided about how much the purchase will cost taxpayers.

    If only there was some way of determining total cost, with knowledge only of the number of units and the price of each unit…

  2. How much is our military allowed to spend without Parliamentary authorization?

    • Their annual approved estimates, following agreed procurement guidelines. 

  3.  No surprises, really, that bureaucracy has not planned well for this mission. Surely they were expecting boots on ground at some point, not prolonged air war. It’s a big clusterfcuk at moment, isn’t it?

    How do you plan for US President who thinks America is equivalent of 98 pound weakling getting sand kicked in face and who turns over military operations to the pacifist French? 

    •  I think you’re seriously misreading what the US is doing here.

  4. Wars cost money, and we never get anything out of them. The only people that profit are weapons manufacturers.

  5. Wow! 130 mil to cover 6 weeks of bombing yet people were byeotching about 300 mil for an election? I’m not convinced this Libya thing is necessarily a bad idea, but in 6 more months the election will have looked cheap by comparison. 

    •  I imagine the pace of bombing has slowed somewhat by now. Much of the heavy lifting was in the first week or two.

  6.  Ordering more bombs does not mean the Canadian Forces were ill-prepared or that they are running out of munitions.