Suspect in alleged train terror plot says Criminal Code is not “the holy book”


TORONTO – One of the two suspects charged in an alleged al-Qaida directed plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train told a Toronto court this morning that Canada’s Criminal Code “is not the holy book”

Chiheb Esseghaier, who faces several terrorism charges along with Toronto resident Raed Jaser, asked to address the court when he made his second court appearance in as many days, having appeared yesterday in Montreal.

The justice of the peace presiding over the case told him to be careful what he said.

Esseghaier took issue with the Criminal Code, saying it was written by “a set of creations” that are not perfect.

The 30-year-old PhD student from Montreal said “only the Creator is perfect.”

He was remanded in custody and is to appear again May 23. He was also told he must apply for bail at a different level of court.

Jaser, 35, was also remanded in custody until May 23, when he is to appear via video from a detention centre.

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Suspect in alleged train terror plot says Criminal Code is not “the holy book”

  1. We need to rid the country of people who do not believe in ours laws as this man has stated. No one makes you live in Canada. If you don’t like the way of life and laws in this country you are free to leave and live elsewhere!

  2. Strange, a human claims to know with 100% certainty what perfection is. Is this what they teach in Iran, that the child-like minds they brainwash have perfect knowledge?
    The best we can do, is as high quality of life for as many now and in the future. We will need to find a power source other than the Sun. We will need to know what powerful technologies to build, and how not to use civilization-destroying WMDs. The Koran cannot help us here. Under The Koran (or The Bible), we will all eventually be wiped out by one human extinction or tyranny threat. An ice age, for instance.

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