Suspect in test drive death bought condo the day after Tim Bosma’s disappearance

Dellen Millard paid $627,000 for condo in downtown Toronto


A woman places flowers in front of Tim Bosma's home in Ancaster, Ont., Wednesday. (Dave Chidley/CP)

Dellen Millard, the man accused of killing Tim Bosma after taking his pick-up truck for a test drive, spent $627,000 on a condo in Toronto’s high-end distillery district the day after Bosma disappeared.

Millard, 27, paid upfront, in-full and in cash for the 37th floor unit built by Distillery SE Development Corp. According to documents obtained by Maclean’s, Millard’s lawyer in that transaction, Mitch Korman, signed for the deal on May 7. At the time, Bosma had been missing for a day. Korman could not be reached for comment.

Hamilton Police say Bosma was killed the night he was taken. Millard was arrested four days later on May 10, and officially charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday. A day earlier police said they’d found Bosma’s badly-burned body in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Millard’s lawyer, Deepak Paradkar, said his client is innocent and intends to plead not-guilty.

A cached Internet real estate listing for the unit Millard purchased, at 70 Distillery Lane, showed the asking price for the two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit had at one point been $745,000.

Other listings for the building describe sleek, brand-new suites with views of the city of Toronto and Lake Ontario, and amenities including an outdoor pool.

Lawyers for the condo developer, Distillery SE, had already signed the deal on Apr. 25, and could also not be reached for comment.

Millard had been living with his father, Wayne, at a house in Etobicoke, until late Nov. 2012, when Wayne committed suicide. According to a CBC report, that Etobicoke home once belonged to his grandparents and the assessed value is $1.07 million. Millard is listed as owning at least two other properties–a six-unit residential building on Toronto’s Riverside Dr. valued at $1.4 million, and a 45-hectare farm in Ayr, south of Kitchener-Waterloo, where police have been searching.

The family owned an airplane mechanic company, Millardair, and had relocated to a state-of-the-art new hanger at the Waterloo International Airport in the spring of 2012, leaving behind the airplane hanger at Pearson Airport that had housed the family’s aviation businesses for 50 years.

On Thursday, police scoured the grounds outside the Millardair hanger at the Waterloo airport. Investigators continue to search for at least two other suspects involved in Bosma’s death.

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Suspect in test drive death bought condo the day after Tim Bosma’s disappearance

  1. This is the first report I’ve read that has mentioned Wayne Millard killed himself.

    • Read the cbc

    • Perhaps they should take another look at the “suicide”…….

      • they are going to have a look, the coroner.

        • Problem is the body of his father was cremated even though an investigation into his death was still on-going. Did he kill his father to get his inheritance?

          • I believe so. Apparently he (the father) shot himself in the eye. Now, who does that??

          • That is what has the police suspicious….Check google for Wayne Millard…Dellen wrote the obituary….no mention of the actual date of death….next day, a memorial service…Dellen Millard born August 30, 1985….VIrgo….’Keeping up Appearances’ No time for people to attend this..no mention of cemetery….Cremate the body as soon as possible…

            Police would not get much out of the nbrs in Etobicoke….Older neighbourhood with lots of seniors and people with growing families…Dellen & Wayne,ex Air Canada Pilot likely have nothing to do with neighbours….Millard spending his time with friends in Hamilton….Store owner on TV Wednesday said Millard came in for some chips, junk food…

            ‘Looks like he was high & seemed rather despondent.

            If Dellen has been dabbling in drugs like 1 think, he is going to have problems with withdrawal…..Bosma’s death mean nothing to me…’He is a narcissist’ …steve m

  2. This gets more interesting and strange by the minute.

    • I agree, this is a bizarre story. I’d like to think that a young man living an exciting and luxurious life couldn’t possibly be guilty of this type of crime but there’s plenty of evidence that he’s up to his eyeballs in at least one murder. Weird.

  3. Police have to take another look at the suicide of ‘Wayne Millard’ It is not suicide….shot in the left eye at close range….Is Millard left handed….My feeling is that Millard is a ‘drug dealer’ he has never had a real job….There is a landstrip on the rural property 20 kms s of K/W…..Wide open spaces…..Millard is a pilot, people…..He could take 1 of the planes out of the K/W Hangar…..fuel it up & come & go without any flight manifest.

    Now, we have missing 23 yr old female, Laura Babcock who ex b/f Shane Lerner told CTV News that Millard told him that he was Laura’s drug dealer….Toronto Star reporting today that real estate agent who sold Millard the farm property in Ayr Ontario said that Millard & his fiancee were going to put a home on the property…..problem is There was ‘no fiancee’

    Millard is very good at manipulation and deceit….he left Toronto French school at age 17….spent 2 years?? going to College ‘cooking course’ Done nothing for 6-7 years except going to ‘drug parties’ Drug money help pay for the real estate transactions… Why is he buying all these properties…..must have a ‘massive ego’ Properties cost him 4-5 Million Dollars….Bought condo unit in Toronto…closing date is 1 day after his arrest in cash….2 days later, it is now in his mother’s name….Real Estate Agent will be brought in for questioning, oh baby Of course, he can not buy with mortgage as he has no way of showing what his income was in the past year…..Cops should check with CRA….bet you NO TAX RETURNS have been filed by him or the Corporation….Why do 1 think that the Corporation and/K/W Air Hangar are ‘a front for stolen goods’….by the way, 1 used to be a P1and have been told that ‘1 have ESP’…..

    Millard’s lawyer says that the case will not go to trial for 2 years….bet you daddy that it will within 1 yr….Millard thinks ‘he can take the fall, mommy’s dearest will run the corporation….New client lined up backed out last fall causing Wayne Millard to lay off recently hired employees…..who may or may not be part of this mess….removed car seat(bench?) from Bosma’s van….mechanical or autoworker background….steve m

    • what does P1 mean?? ESP??

  4. The fact that Dellen Millard purchased a condo two days after Tim Bosma’s disappearance doesn’t have anything to do with the case. Anyone who has ever purchased a home will tell you that the paper work and lawyers generally take a few months. This condo had to have been purchased weeks before all this happened. Still a sad situation and I pray for the Bosma family .

  5. So why was a man killed for a truck, by someone who could afford 1000 trucks ? Maybe because that person had killed others before, incinerated the bodies and gotten away with it ? Perhaps to him it was nothing . . . and he got careless about it.

  6. And the missing girl that he dated? And the suicide of his father? Very strange story indeed!

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