Suspended senator cost taxpayers $700,000 -

Suspended senator cost taxpayers $700,000

Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on office expenses and travel


Since being suspended in 2007, Senator Raymond Lavigne has managed to spend over $700,000 of taxpayer money, including $135,000 on travel and $180,000 on office expenses. Lavigne has also received $388,500 in salary over the past three years. The Liberal senator was suspended from the Upper Chamber after being charged with fraud, breach of trust, and obstruction of justice. But according to a fellow senator, until Lavigne is proven guilty, he is entitled to the financial privileges that come with the job. Lavigne is due back in court on November 12.

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Suspended senator cost taxpayers $700,000

  1. Once again demonstrating that what we need isn't an elected senate, but rather the ability to have a citizen recall of particular senators.

    • No we don't need an elected senate.

      How thick are you? It says right there that the issue is that he hasn't been convicted, what does being elected have to do with anything?!

      • Gosh darn it, I can't read either it seems!

        My sincere apologies, I got carried away there!

        • Ugh. I hate it when I do that.. except I usually do one better and mis-read the original article to boot.

  2. Hey, he isn't a Conservative so no "scandal" here. I predict the media will have no interest in this "Liberal" corruption story, right Pablo Rodriguez, therefore there will be no need for hysteria and the ensuing witch hunt that would follow had this been a Con.

  3. These unelected ,with life time guarantee job, public officials are a useless drain to our dwindling purse.

    • Try looking at what they actually do, and what idiocy they've prevented. The amount they've saved the Canadian public in court costs simply can't be measured

  4. Is there no such thing as being suspended without pay and if he isn't convicted then refund his pay and reinstate him BUT I can guarantee that the taxpayers will not be able to claw back his salary etc if he is convicted. We need more controls and watchdogs with real teeth that are not connected to our legal system which is NOT a justice system

    • I agree with you. What's stopping the Senators from passing a law saying that if you are suspended as a Senator, the expense entitlement is also suspended?

      • There is exactly such an agreement already in place. (Unfortunately it only applies to the Senators that play hockey)

  5. You want the Country run by people who can speak french, even if its only WAAAH! Then you should be happy. Nearly every dropout now is government employed.

    • They have every Court in Eastern Canada tied up looking for goodies. What a backward mess.

    • Your government job should be opening up very soon.

  6. So one senator costs us more than a million dollar per year? How many senators are there? Are their works really worth that much? Wow!

    • How does $700,000 since 2007 become more than a million dollars per year?

      • Ariadne and his/her ilk don't need your stinkin' math! Too bad we can't express our disgust at this wasteful government body without completely misrepresenting a paragraph worth of information.

      • You're tryin' t'do that fuzzy maths stuff we've been warned about, aintcha?

        It's a million dollar per year cause that's waht Ariadne's gut says. And there don't need more proof than that.

      • I apologize for my math guys, I misread the phrase and really thought there was an "each year" in there. Thanks for the correction.

  7. If this isn't a slap in the complacent face of out-of-touch Canadians then I don't know what is. We don't need a Senate to represent us if it isn't elected BY us giving the so-called Senators legitimacy to sit in that "Chamber of Sober Second Thought." That way if we elect them we could throw them out when they decide to go by the old Liberal train of "I am entitled to my entitlements" thought. Throw the bums out!

  8. What did you expect from a Liberal?? No surprise here. Sponsorship scandal etc…..and the list of Liberal treachery goes on and on and on.

  9. We have no need for a Senate, elected or otherwise. It's a total waste of money. Our elected members , backbenchers, can do the same job.

  10. Why does the "House of sober second thought" spend like drunken sailors?

    This is one issue you won't see much outrage about on Parliament Hill because everyone in the House of Commons wants this option for their cronies.