Sweet revenge: Georgia style


Just a little primer to this story which appeared on ESPN.com earlier this week and has become a YouTube favourite for conspiracy theorists. It’s the Georgia high school Class AAA championship game. Stephens County is getting pummelled 9-1 to Cartersville, largely due to the fact that the umpire apparently has a rather large strike zone when batters from Stephens County enter the box. On the mound is Cody Martin, behind the plate is Matt Hill. At shortstop is Cody’s brother Ethan, the team’s superstar who was recently selected 15th overall by the L.A. Dodgers in the MLB entry draft. Ethan and his brother have reportedly been complaining about the umpire’s less-than-stellar performance. What follows is either a stroke of absolute luck, or a daring little plot of revenge…



Sweet revenge: Georgia style

  1. That kid has got to learn how to sell it if he’s going to go anywhere in baseball. This was, according to legend, fairly common in the majors once upon a time. But you have to make a realistic-looking effort to catch the ball. The catcher in this case just flat out ducked. why is he pretending to block when it’s a belt-high fastball?

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