Swine flu parties

Mingling with mildly sick people to get immunity


Forget staying home to recover from the flu and spare others the risk of infection. In Britain, people with swine flu are throwing parties and inviting their friends and family so that they can get sick too. The thinking goes that by enduring a mild version of the illness now they may prompt immunity against swine flu this winter, when some experts anticipate it could be more deadly. But doctors insist there is still a risk of mortality, and are strongly warning against such festivities: “Going out to try to get the virus will just aid its spread.”

BBC News

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Swine flu parties

  1. the spread of AH1N1 or Swine Flu is really scary. It is a good thing that this virus is not very deadly. We are advised to take Vitamin-C and to wear face masks.

  2. the use of face masks and boosting your immune system by taking lots of vitamin-C is still an effective way of preventing the spread of the Swine Flu virus.