Swiss authorities won't extradite Polanski -

Swiss authorities won’t extradite Polanski

U.S. cannot appeal the decision


Switzerland will not extradite film director Roman Polanski, who was convicted in the U.S. of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Polanski took a plea bargain in the case, but left the country before he could be sentenced and never returned. He was taken into custody last year after traveling to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival, though he has since been moved from a prison to his chalet in Gstaad. Swiss authorities rejected U.S. requests for extradition, saying American officials didn’t provide the right information. Polanski is the director of Rosemary’s Baby and The Pianist.

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Swiss authorities won’t extradite Polanski

  1. You should have finished:
    "saying American officials didn't provide the right information."

    …to show, conclusively, that the POSSIBILITY of sentencing irregularities did not exist.

  2. Who cares? The girl has forgiven him. The girl's family has forgiven him (and thank you for the large cash settlement, Roman). The judge in the case is long dead. Literally, who cares? Not the people of California, they are trying to figure out what to do with the Golden State's IOUs from their tax returns.

    • I care – he got away with child abuse.

      "…and thank you for the large cash settlement, Roman…"
      Not that this changes anything, but my understanding is that he never paid the cash settlement he promised.

      • So do we seek retribution regardless of the additional pain and hardship it might cause to the victim and the victim's family?

  3. send Dawg the Bounty Hunter and get this reprobate back into jail where he belongs!

  4. Quite reasonable…after all…even though he raped a 13 y.o. it wasn't "rape-rape" you know…

    …and the guy makes great movies that employ actors. Right Whoppee?

  5. That is a disgrace. In my opinion the US should send an FBI team to do a snatch-and-grab and bring him back to face justice.

  6. Justanother exampleof one law for the rich and another for the unwashed.

  7. Just because he settled with the family and the issue seems old doesn't mean he stopped being a sexual predator. The transcript of the victim's deposition was released some time ago and it reads like a stalking/rape. It's quite chilling. Who knows how many other victims are out there.

  8. Hollywood Liberals excuse his crimes.

  9. Polanski was and remains a convicted sex offender whose victim was a 13 year-old child. His White House invitation is not in the mail.

  10. Regardless of this decision.How does anyone get away with sleeping with a 13 year old girl when your a 43 year old man? I am 52 and the thought of that makes me ill.It is sick .My natural instinct would be to look out for the girl.Not be a letch, get her drunk then rape her.And what does this say of his friends and people who protect this creep? There are some things that are simply not forgivable.This is one of em.

  11. Leftists litmus test: They would rather Polanski as a house guest than they would Rush Limbaugh..

    • I'll take a pass on both thanks.

  12. In the infamous words of one of the children of Bronson, Missouri…

    "This ain't over."