Switzerland agrees to share tax info with Canada

Both countries also loosen trade barriers on airlines


Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Swiss President Doris Leuthard Friday, with the pair agreeing to reduce trade barriers on airlines and to share more tax information. Both countries have now updated their air transportation treaties, which will allow airlines in both countries to change their prices more freely. Switzerland has also agreed to share more tax information with Canada starting in Jan. 2011. The new rules could help Canada catch tax cheaters who hide behind Switzerland’s strict confidentiality rules. Harper is in Kehrsatz, Swtizerland for the Francophonie Summit.

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Switzerland agrees to share tax info with Canada

  1. Great news, and more so because our Prime Minister made a useless backward meeting of the worst in the World, to turn it into something good for Canadians.

  2. Wow! The first Prime Minister in years that wasn't looking to open an account instead of closing them! And the only Prime Minister that avoided the french and encourage the great Ukrainians to immigrate here instead of lazy french. We want to hang on to this Prime Minister.

  3. Wow! This is what I call reciprocal trade concessions, not like UAE's blackmail attempt.