This is your flight attendant speaking: take this job and shove it -

This is your flight attendant speaking: take this job and shove it

JetBlue employee pulls emergency chute and flees plane


A fed-up flight attendant made a dramatic exit from a JetBlue plane—and presumably his job—on Monday after a passenger accidentally hit him with luggage and refused to apologize. Steven Slater is alleged to have gotten on the plane’s PA system and cursed out the passengers aboard, adding the insults were especially meant for the passenger who’d struck him. According to reports, Slater then grabbed two beers from the attendants’ galley, pulled the emergency chute, and slid his way out of the plane. Slater was subsequently arrested at his home in New York and is facing charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

Wall Street Journal

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This is your flight attendant speaking: take this job and shove it

  1. Not that this justifies Slater's overreaction, but I think the passenger not only hit him with luggage and refused to apologize, but then cussed him out. Slater was just responding in kind with the PA system.

    My question is this: why only two beers?

    • I imagine it is hard to have more than one per hand while sliding down an inflatable slide.

  2. I think we've all had days like that, and anybody who has travelled a lot has seen the abuse that those in the travel industry put up with. Slater did what a lot of people would like to do, and somebody should buy him a beer for that.

    • I suppose after his litlle melt down on the P.A.system, he knew he fired….so if your going to go… you might as well go with style, I'd buy him a beer just because….To bad they didn't get it on video, It would make a good training tool ''How not to handle the rude customer "

  3. This report shows why we'll never be "Safe" despite the level of invasive security. Unless you are checking everyone's head for abborant feelings and stress levels, you are probably as likely to die from a randomly crazy person as from a focused/deticated crazy person.

    From the rest of the story (read elsewhere), I'd say there was more than just the comment on his mind. After 28 years on the job, you commit a federal felony, then race home to have sex with your boyfriend and tell the world you are HIV-positive?

    It was only two beers, because he's a recovering alcoholic.

    The moral of the story: listen to the flight attendant or you day is not going to go well.