Tale of the Tape: James Moore dares call it conspiracy!


… Well, sort of. He’s asking questions, not making statements. Full text – and commentary – after the jump:


OTTAWA – Today Conservative MP James Moore demands that the Liberal Party explain its total involvement with author Tom Zytaruk and publisher Harbour Publishing after forensic analysis filed in Ontario Superior Court yesterday showed doctoring of a taped conversation between Zytaruk and Stephen Harper.

“The Liberal Party’s line on the Cadman Affair has been contradicted by Chuck Cadman, the RCMP and expert forensic analysts,” said Moore. “The tables have now turned and it’s now time for the Liberal Party to explain its total involvement in aggressively pushing the Cadman Affair both inside and outside the House of Commons.”

The Liberals must answer the following questions:

  1. The Liberal Party (Paul Martin) received an advance copy of Tom Zyaturk’s Like a Rock The Chuck Cadman Story. When did Mr. Martin receive his advance copy and with whom in the Liberal Party did he share it?
  2. Like a Rock: The Chuck Cadman Story was scheduled to be released on March 17, 2008 but was leaked on February 27, 2008 Did any Liberals – including agents for the party or family members of senior staff – work with Harbour Publishing to promote the book’s contents in advance of its official release date?
  3. The Liberal Party has used this tape to smear the Prime Minister, despite the fact the Prime Minister has denied the accusations and has maintained the tape was edited? When did the Liberal Party obtain the doctored tape? From whom did they receive it? Who in the Party received it?
  4. From the beginning the Liberal Party has accepted Zytaruk’s transcript and tape at face value. What has been their total involvement in dealing with Tom Zytaruk?
  5. Independent expert forensic analysis demonstrates that the Zytaruk recording is both “incomplete”, “doctored” and “edited” in numerous parts. Why didn’t the Liberal Party make sure the tape was authentic? Was the Liberal Party aware of – or involved with – the doctoring of the Zytaruk tape?

“Given all that has occurred and the chain of events the Liberal Party owes Canadians a complete and honest explanation of its total involvement in the Cadman Affair” said Moore. “Stephane Dion must assure Canadians that the Liberal Party and his office acted appropriately.”

I can’t help but notice that the most incendiary claim of “doctoring” — that the question on the insurance policy was “never asked” — is conspicuous by its absence. For those of you keeping score, Dimitri Soudas – the PM’s press secretary – is still the only person willing to go on the record with that claim. (I’ll have more thoughts on that a little later today.)  Moore does target Zytaruk directly, which he wasn’t willing to do at yesterday’s press conference.


Tale of the Tape: James Moore dares call it conspiracy!

  1. That’s hilarious. Is the Conservative Party experiencing a nervous breakdown?

  2. This is just all so bizaire. We need a promise of a full investigation or even an inquiry to never be enacted or stalled to a point of being meaningless. It is what the public deserves.

    Sounds to me like the Conservatives are trying to smear the Liberals with an attack so vague that no one can really tell what the smear is and is so watered down the Liberals wouldn’t effectively be able to sue Moore and/or the Conservatives.

    Who would have thought that Dion and the Liberals would be so much more articulate than the Conservative PR department that they would get sued over it.

  3. The channel changer continues to blather. He’s gotten his headlines, now he’s marching towards a Rovian conclusion — they’re all against me! But what about the strawberries? (obscure film reference aside…)

  4. How long did it take the Liberals to prove the Grewal tapes were doctored? Not long.

    the Tories must have been searching for months asking someone to please subtantiate their claim.

  5. In some ways this sort of thing is hard to measure, but I do believe this is now at least arguably the weirdest thing I have seen in 14 years covering federal politics.

  6. You do have to love the audacity though. “The tables have turned. The Liberal party has to explain why it was concerned about allegations of bribery in the government!” Uhh.. maybe because being concerned about that sort of thing is, oh, I don’t know, their job?

  7. From the professional and competent way this was handled, I see that Ryan Sparrow is still in charge of Conservative communications.

    Well done!

  8. Well at least now we can see the reasoning behind the Cons bringing up a dead story. They thought they could turn the tables and turn it into a Liberal scandal. It’ll be interesting to see how the media pursues this story line, but my guess would be that the media will maintain it as a ‘he said she said’ story.

  9. Now it’s up to Opposition Parties to explain why they are asking questions, and in what manner. This is what the Conservatives meant by accountability, that everyone else should be accountable to them, not vice versa.

    Someone oughta sue someone.

  10. Yet another so-called “scandal” that’s coming crashing down on the Libs….maybe if they had some real policy to discuss, they wouldn’t have to resort to their “fabricate-a-scandal-a-week” strategy..

    If the tape has been doctored to remove important contextual content, and even worse, completely out of context material spliced in, then someone has to answer for this….be it Zytaruk, or….

  11. #3 bothers me. Has Harper actually “maintained the tape was edited”? I certainly haven’t seen any reporting to that effect. It’s just been the flunkies making that claim.

    Still, it’s an excellent diversion from the Bernier mess.

  12. I have to ask because this has been bothering me the whole time.

    Even if there was no offer for a life insurance policy wasn’t there some suggestion that the Tories would offer help in covering expenses Mr. Cadman would lose if he lost an election.

    Isn’t that offering something of considerable value to a Member of Parliament for his vote? Isn’t that a problem even if there was no life insurance policy?

  13. We should note that the term “Insurance Policy” is a major factor in this issue. I believe that the term was used loosely. The fact that an actual policy was not a reality is probably true. Therefore it can honestly be denied. The fact that someone tried to make sure that there was money for Ms Cadman upon the death of Mr Cadman was possibly also true. Do not get derailed by the term.. Money is money no matter where it comes from.

  14. Oh gee – James Moore forgot to ask how many Conservatives handled the tape prior to submitting it to their Republican expert. I’m sure he meant to say it LOL

    Hey, maybe it’s Paul Martin on the tape pretending to be Harper.

    This is so pathetic – like watching the Key Stone cops.

    Well, Mr. Moore, your strategy is a success – you’ve successfully made yourselves look more guility and quite frankly stupid.

  15. I think the timing of the news of the doctored tape is absolutely brilliant! It achieves several things all at once and the house will closing pretty soon and the summer starting then come fall and more than likely the apology from the Liberal Party -> House re-opens Harper Pro-Rogues then comes throne speech and the ball is Dion’s court last chance at forcing an election because surely he would not be stupid enough to force one in the spring with fall 2009 only a few months away – then again he hasn’t been making the wisest decisions so far as opposition leader – we shall see!

  16. One can’t help wonder how deep the character flaws go in the heart of the Harper “government” when you see this kind of agitprop manipulation. Are they fit to govern a modern democracy?

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