Taliban attacks peace delegates

Minutes after Karzai speaks, suicide bombers attack peace conference in Kabul


Taliban suicide bombers have attacked a gathering of 1,600 delegates in Kabul who gathered to discuss national unity on Wednesday. Minutes after President Hamid Harzai began his address, the attackers—who reportedly bypassed security by disguising themselves in burqas—opened fire. The conference—or, “jirga”—was meant as an appeal to militants to lay down arms and join with the government. “You should provide the opportunity for the foreign forces to leave,” Karzai urged in his address. “Make peace with me and there will be no need for foreigners here. As long as you are not talking to us, not making peace with us, we will not let foreigners leave.” The Taliban, who have claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack, claim that Karzai’s peace conference provides “yet another pretext for America to continue the war in Afghanistan.” Two attackers were killed in Wednesday’s attack, but no delegates were injured.

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Taliban attacks peace delegates

  1. And the church people cannot figure why we do not want them wearing burqas in our country.

  2. No comments .Why am I not surprised.

  3. Well, I hope to Allah that no Canadian soldiers helped repell the attack………

    The last thing we need is more Liberal MP's like Ujjal Dosanjh, and Bob Rae accusing them of using excessive violence, or committing war crimes.

    Friends…..don't let friends vote Liberal (or NDP in Liberal clothes for that matter)

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